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Where Else Could You do This Before You Fly?

For her departure from her last trip here, Lydia was booked on the 11:00 am flight to Belize International Airport. We opted to make plans with Colin and Laura to have one last breakfast before she left. Estel’s was the unquestionable choice. We agreed to meet at 9:00 to make sure we had enough time […]

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Serenity Now at San Ignacio Resort Hotel

Unexpected Surprises I know a few of you are Seinfeld fans and have seen the “Serenity Now” episode where a few of the cast started saying that phrase as a method to lower blood pressure and the saying turns to “Serenity now, insanity later” as everyone using the mantra gets more worked up as the […]

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Why Belize Isn’t a Third World Country

Guest Post by Sharon Hiebing Ever since contemplating moving to Belize, and then once doing so in 2010, I have often heard it referred to as a Third World country. Just to clarify, I’m not one of those history buffs or excessively political types, so I only had a notion of what “third world” meant. […]

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Municipal Airport gets Facelift

After recieving the information below – I spoke to Sarah Dalsin CFO at Tropic Air to lean more about what was up and coming at Municipal airport [TZA]. Sara told me that municipal airport is in process of getting a new facelift and a good grounds cleaning. Also in the plans – the runway will […]