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Belize Postal Service, a Dirty little Secret and Current Internet Pricing

Belize Postal Service is an area of question that often comes up for future expats, they want to know what options are available for mail delivery and in some cases need to have a change of address set up in advance.  Our mail system is general delivery and we have no zip/postal codes, something that […]

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GSM Technology in Belize

Of the major North American cell phone carriers, AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM technology which requires a sim card and is compatible with Digicell Belize. Smartphone company requires an unlocked phone with CDMA 800 MHz or 850 MHz technology and will work with Verizon. The advantage of CDMA is that it does provide a better […]

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Tech Talk and Surfing in Belize

Early morning Ambergris Caye Weather report comes from Dick via coconut phone. As we made plans to walk to town he said it was ‘cooler than yesterday.’ I can hear the wind howling now and  looks like we will get rain sometime today. Before leaving on our errand run, I got g-chatting Mary  about live […]

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Why Belize Isn’t a Third World Country

Guest Post by Sharon Hiebing Ever since contemplating moving to Belize, and then once doing so in 2010, I have often heard it referred to as a Third World country. Just to clarify, I’m not one of those history buffs or excessively political types, so I only had a notion of what “third world” meant. […]

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Cell Phone Charges in Belize

Woke up way too early this am 20 min before my alarm was supposed to go off. I am getting ready to take the 7:00 am Tropic Air flight to Municipal and heading to see Dr. Marcelo Coyi at Belize Medical Associates for a check-up and some tests. My appointment was for 9:00 am but […]