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Tech Talk and Surfing in Belize

Early morning Ambergris Caye Weather report comes from Dick via coconut phone. As we made plans to walk to town he said it was ‘cooler than yesterday.’

I can hear the wind howling now and  looks like we will get rain sometime today. Before leaving on our errand run, I got g-chatting Mary  about live streaming on cell phones and how it all works. I love tech talk and she is one of my geek friends, always has great ideas and cool tech toys to play with.

I was planning to stream while we were in town doing our errands this morning but I did not find a location I was happy with so I decided to leave it out for today and work on organizing a really cool live stream for late tomorrow afternoon [5pm ish]. I will know in the morning if I can pull it off, I have to go see if the wifi at the place I want to do it at is strong enough. I am loving my LG Thrive Android phone, super handy to have a smartphone in Belize -pocket-sized computer. IT also works well with my Digicell pay as you go phone option  🙂

While walking back home, it started to get really warm so Dick and I agreed we would have to do some beach time later on. Zac ended up joining us and we decided to go snap some pictures. When we got to Banana Beach and Banyan Bay resort area there were kids surfing, that caught my attention. Right away I knew what today’s photos were going to be, it’s not often you see anyone surfing in Belize.

2 thoughts on “Tech Talk and Surfing in Belize

  1. Emily says:

    I will have to show these surfing pics to my brother, who is a serious surfer. And he didn’t think he could surf in Belize — haha! 😉 He will get a laugh out of these for sure.

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