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Duty Free BelizeIt used to be, finding cheap flights to Belize was rare. With Belize becoming more and more popular,the airlines apparently noticed and have been gradually adding more flights from all over. There are now five different airlines flying in direct from ten different cities (some seasonally). Both of the major Canadian Airlines have seasonal direct flights as well and there are also two from Central America. You can, of course, catch connecting flights to Belize from all over the U.S. and Canada.

Direct Flights From US Cities to Belize City

American Airlines:
Charlotte (CLT) – Seasonal; Saturday Departure at 9:55 am. The season ended August 18 and resumes on November 10, 2018.
Dallas (DFW) – Saturday Departure 12:35 pm.
Los Angeles (LAX) – Seasonal late Friday night Departure at 11:55 pm. The season finished August 17 and picks up again on November 9, 2018.
Miami (MIA) – Twice Daily Departures at 10:35 am 12:06 pm.

Delta Airlines:
Atlanta (ATL) – Daily Departure at 9:55 am.
Los Angeles (LAX) – Seasonal Saturday Departure at 12:40 am (so you need to be there late Friday night). The season ended August 11 and starts back up on December 22, 2018.

Southwest Airlines:
Houston (HOU) – Sunday – Friday Departure at 2:25 pm. Saturday at 10:50 am.
Denver (DEN) – Seasonally; Saturday, at 11:00 am. The season returns on November 10, 2018. An additional Sunday flight begins on January 6, 2019.
Fort Lauderdale (FLL) – Daily; Departure time at 11:45 Saturday only until November 3, when it goes to daily.
Note: Southwest only shows their schedule for about 7 months in advance – as of this update the departures above are showing until April 7, 2019.

United Airlines:
Houston (IAH) – Sunday to Friday Departures at 9:50 am with. Saturday you can choose from four departure times; 7:35, 9:50 am and 12:07 or 2:22 pm.
Chicago (ORD) – Seasonally – Saturday, at 9:05 am. The season begins again on November 3, 2018, and runs to January 5, 2019. Daily flights begin on January 7 and end on April 27, 2019.
Newark (EWR) Seasonally; Starts up again on Saturday, December 29, 2018, at 8:35 am to April 27, 2019. There are other non-stop days of the week but are a bit sporadic so check this one closely.

Sun Country Airlines (New – Seasonal):
Minneapolis/St. Paul Saturdays at 7:05 am, December 22, 2018 to April 20, 2019.

Seasonal Direct Flights from Canada to Belize City

Toronto (YYZ) – Wednesday, and Saturday 10:00 am. The season begins on October 31, 2018, to April 27, 2019. An Monday flight is added from March 4, 2019
Calgary (YYC) – Friday at 9:15 am from November 16, 2018 to March 1, 2019. March 2 to April 21, 2019 Saturday and Friday, with the last flight of the season on Friday April 26, 2019.

Air Canada:
Toronto (YYZ) Friday and Monday at 8:35 am from December 14, 2018, to April 1, 2019; then Friday only until the season ends on April 26, 2019.

Direct Flights from Central America

Copa Airlines:
Panama (PTY)  11:40 am on Tuesday and Friday.

San Salvador (SAL) 2:30 pm Monday to Saturday

Always double check flight times listed on the internet with airlines as they are subject to change.

Belize Travel Planning Resources

Click through to find cheap flight options and if needed overnight lodging on your way to Paradise 🙂

See more comparisons for the best price on Belize accommodations and read Belize travel reviews to help you get the best price on your hotel.

Have more vacation planning questions? Visit AmbergrisCaye.com forum and Trip Advisor Belize Forum both are great sources of Belize information. If you do not find a fast answer you can ask the question and get and see what other travelers and locals have to say.

If you have any questions or require further help on booking your Belize vacation – and local discounts, please feel free to email me at tacogirlbelize@gmail.com

How to Get Around Belize

Once you get to Belize you will find it is fairly easy and inexpensive to get where ever you want to go. Belize City is full of taxis to get you around town. Sometimes they may try and overcharge so I always ask how much before I get in the taxi to make sure I am getting a fair price. You can take a bus anywhere on the mainland from the main bus terminal. It is really cheap, but you do get what you pay for. Expect overcrowded old school buses and an interesting cultural experience. To get to Caye Caulker or San Pedro, Ambergris Caye you can take a water taxi. They run around $25US and take 70-90 minutes. Even though I like boats and old school buses, my favorite way to travel around the country is to hop on a Tropic island hopper.

Tropic Air Flight Code

The flight from International Airport to San Pedro takes about 20 minutes and is one of the most beautiful flights you will ever take. Because the plane does not go above 2500 feet, you get an amazing view of the Caribbean Sea and Barrier reef.

By using Code For a Cause promotional code horizon when booking on Tropic Air, for both local and international flights, you will be doing a great community service. All previous months flights booked and flown using CFC will automatically be donating to charity. It’s that easy to help.

Please note, the Government of Belize and the Belize Airport Authority are requiring all Belizean Airlines collect a six dollar rider fee on all tickets segments. The rider fee is charged to every ticket issued regardless of any discount.

Examples: One way flight BZE – SPR = Rider Fee $6.00, Return flight BZE – SPR – BZE = Rider Fee $12.00 and flying to 3 destinations BZE – SPR – TZA – PLJ = Rider Fee $18.00

Tropic Air Destinations

Tropic now flies to 15 great destinations in Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico. Tropic is the only airline that joins popular cities in the Yucatan with daily flights.

Tropic Air

Tropic Air Planes

Helpful Guidelines

Here are some helpful guidelines when flying into Belize. You will, have to go through immigration and then customs
(which takes about 45 minute), so keep that in mind if you are flying to your next destination and need to connect. A great thing about this airline is that they fly every hour so if you miss one, you can usually just catch the next one. When you are returning home, Tropic Air recommends that you schedule your domestic transfers to arrive at Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport at least 3 hours ahead of all international flight. All international airlines now have a 1-hour cut-off window for check-in which is strictly enforced. On weekends it can get congested at the PGIA, especially at departure passport control.

On the Tropic Air website, you can get the following downloadable PDF and other useful information. Click through to view useful and some downloadable flight information. You can see a Tropic Air route map or go to their various pages and find out the latest flight policies, departure tax, and pet travel information.

Shop Duty-Free Belize

Duty-free limits upon arrival: 3 cartons of cigarettes, 6 bottles of perfume, 6 boxes of cigars, 6 bottles of liquor or wine. Alcohol and perfume must go in checked luggage for your Topic Air flight. Cigars and cigarettes can be on carry-on but cannot be used on the flight. Check out my Duty-Free Page to get a 15% discount on your inbound purchases and for more information on what you can take with you when you leave Belize.

This information was last updated on September 17, 2018.


  1. tacogirl June 13, 2019

    Thanks for the compliments Belize Steve and putting me in your top 3. Shoot me an email tacogirlbelize[at]gmail.com when planning your next trip and if it works out we can meet up.

  2. 'Belize Steve' June 12, 2019

    Hey Taco Girl! Always glad to find another ‘long term Belize aficionado’ who lives in Belize most of the year and who understands both the culture, and how tourists (or as I call them, “soon to be regular visitors of Belize”) expats, investors, and future retirees can maximize their experience…and even save some $$$.
    I especially like your no nonsense approach to the many benefits of travel to Belize – but without of the ‘sugar coating’ or ‘monetizing’ many bloggers include in their posts.
    I grew up in Belize (16 years, until my return to the US for college/graduate school, & career), but have maintained my permanent residency status and return as often as I can. Since I now only ‘go home’ (and Belize will always be my ‘home’ – Creole was my first language, after all) only five or six times per year, it’s fantastic to find your perspective and up-to–date advice on the ‘definitely do’ v. ‘probably do’ v. ”do with caution/common sense’ (and even the rare, “eh-your might want to rethink the details of your plan’. Solid, experience-based, non commercial suggestions.. I wish more Belize bloggers mirrored your code of authentic personal experience + ethical excellence.
    While a am of a Caye Caulker fan (a bit more laid back and – for now at least – without the gulf cart ‘traffic jams’ as can sometimes happen on Ambergris Caye, you are 100% right on point with your advice.
    Nice – very nice…your are now one of my top three bloggers on Belize. I hope to meet you sometime – grab a Belikin & swap some of the narratives that make Belize truly ‘Beautiful Belize’. (“Dis da fu we Belize, no true gal?”)
    Your newest fan, ‘Belize Steve’ (often found at ‘Caye Reef’/Caye Caulker or ‘Cheers’/Western Hwy/Belmopan, or bumming around Hopkins Village & Placencia).

  3. Lauren Drake January 29, 2018

    Thanks, since we are coming off season in july I feel fairly confident that we will make it…unless July 4th is a big travel day in Belize…?

  4. tacogirl January 29, 2018

    You should be fine with that amount of time Lauren, however, I will tell you the official word and you can decide. When booking your Belize Flights, allow 1 h to clear customs (often it takes less but you never know) Returning they ask you to be at the airport 3 h in advance. The reasoning behind the 3h rule and why Tropic Air advises you follow it. Technically airlines flying back to the states are supposed to close their manifest 1h ahead of time so that everyone can be checked against the no fly list. Overall 335 days of the year 2h is more than enough. However there are those random 30 days that it will not be, such as a busy Saturday in March. There are popular annual travel times when Tropic is always extra busy at which ever airport you are flying out of. This can generate minor delays to BZE and increased potential for long lineups at Philip Goldson International Airport check in.

    As for the flight code, it still works and you can find downloadable pdf instructions at this link, https://tacogirl.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Tropic-Air-tacogirl-coupon-code-and-instructions.pdf

    As of New Year, a couple of us that were doing a 10% discount are no longer able to offer it due to a change in because Tropic’s system. From now on for every flight booked with CFC flight code, a portion of your ticket price goes to a very worthy organization on Ambergris Caye; the Blue Water Grill Belize Community effort. A portion of all previous month flights will go towards current month cause in support the monthly chosen organization receiving help. More information available on the Code for a Cause page

  5. Lauren January 29, 2018

    Hello TacoGirl: Just planning our first trip, so exciting! I read that you sometimes have a discount code for Tropic Air, which will be flying from San Pedro back to the international airport on our departure day. If you still have it could you please provide…?
    Also hoping for some advice…Flight to US is at noon…do you think the 9:00 am from San Pedro allows sufficient time? We will be flying on Weds, July 4th if that helps determine your answer…Thanks very much!

  6. tacogirl October 24, 2017

    It’s always nice to hear from fellow Canadians. It’s not hard to ensure that group flies together. Tropic Air is really great for getting people on the same flight. It is more convenient from the International With the little one in mind, that is what I’d recommend after a long day travel.

    Here is a good post on the price difference of International airport versus Municipal Airport https://tacogirl.com/best-belize-airfare/

    Tropic Air will be changing flight discount structure, so if you want to ensure you get the best price, book no later than the end of this year. October – turtle, November – reef and December – cenote. Always use current month code no matter when you plan to fly.

  7. brandon dietz October 23, 2017

    Hey tacogirl, me and my family will be travelling to San Pedro Jan-26-feb-9. There will be 4 adults and a 15 month old baby. What is the best method to get a flight from Belize city to the island to ensure we can all fly together? and also get the best rates. is it worth taking a taxi to TZA and flying from there to the island?

    This trip is kind of a scouting trip, we have been thinking about investing there and possibly even moving there at some point in time. You seem like the kind of person that would have a lot of knowledge on this as you are also from Canada.

    look forward to hearing from you.


  8. tacogirl April 5, 2017

    Got your email Corey,if you still need further help please let me know. Are the kids willing to bring donations with them? If so I have school wish lists with easy items on there.

  9. Corey Holm March 27, 2017

    Hello tacogirl!

    I lead a group of students down to Belize every year and every year we use Tropic Air to take us from San Pedro back to Belize International. I am currently trying to purchase 22 tickets from San Pedro to Belize International. Can you help me out with this? Does the tacogirl discount code apply to groups? Thanks, Corey.

  10. tacogirl March 27, 2017

    Morning Edie, you have a few options to get from Cancun to Belize. The current flight price I have is flight is $291 usd one way. You can also opt to bus to corozal (usually with an overnight in Cancun or Playa Del Carmen) and then fly over. There is also a bus running from Cancun Airport to Belize City – Belize Bus website is a good resource for those that are looking cheap travel https://belizebus.wordpress.com/

  11. Edie Pendleton March 26, 2017

    Hello tacogirl! I would like to start by saying I have followed you for a few years now and really enjoy reading your stuff – so thank you. We have a house in San Pedro and visit a few times a year. We are from Canada and used to have to take United Air through to Houston. the BZ. We recently flew with Westjet which was fantastic; fantastic not having to go through Houston any more! Unfortunately, Westjet’s flights are seasonal. We want to come down in June but do not want to go through the USA so we are considering flying to Cancun and then from Cancun to San Pedro. We ordinarily wouldn’t mind taking the bus to Chetemal but I will have just had foot surgery and won’t be able to walk well so trying to determine the best route possible. My question to you is, what information or knowledge do you have about taking the route from Cancun to San Pedro, is it possible to do this and is it super expensive? I am suspecting that we would have to fly Cancun to Belize City then BZ to San Pedro; would that be right? Thanks in advance!

  12. tacogirl February 16, 2017

    Emailed you info PDF for current flight discount code Lorie.

  13. tacogirl February 16, 2017

    Anytime Carmen. Always ude current month code no matter when the flight date is.

    In an effort to provide better customer service, Tropic Air made flight coupon codes quarterly as of January 2017.

  14. Carmen February 16, 2017

    Never mind Tacogirl! I typed in code taco and it worked! Thanks a bunch!

  15. tacogirl January 12, 2017

    taco is the code from Jan – Mar 2017 Lorie. You will find the following post of interest it has some good international seat sales and 2 great ways to find cleap flights among other things.

    2017 Travel Coupon Codes Flight Sales and 3 Month Calendar

    I emailed you the info pdf, the frequent flyer version, Belize food and shopping coupons and some useful Tropic Air information. Happy Planning and thanks for using tacogirl Tropic Air flight discount.

  16. lorie davis January 11, 2017

    Could I please get coupon code for 10% off tropic air to san pedro?

  17. tacogirl December 6, 2016

    I appreciate that Tom. I am glad you found my blog useful. That is such a great story, I bey your wife loved the surprise. If you have not seen them already check out my new food and shopping travel coupon codes. They will be useful for your net trip. Retirement sounds good 🙂

  18. Tom Hlady December 5, 2016

    Just wanted to say A BIG THANK YOU for your blog and all the info you provide. I was there in May 2016 with my wife to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. She had no idea where we were going till we landed in Houston and went to the gate for Belize. Because of all the info you provide I was able to plan several things for us to do.
    We plan on coming back next year with the entire family so everyone can enjoy the beauty of Belize and the friendly people.
    Hopefully one day we can retire down there, ( I’m working on that) but in the mean time we will just have to visit.
    Have a happy holiday and Boxer Day. I really appreciate all that you do to keep us informed about what is going on down in paradise.


  19. tacogirl December 1, 2016

    Evening Ginger the glitch has been fixed and monkey code is working. I tried to email you but it bounced back. If you need further help please email me at tacogirlbelize@gmail[dot]com

  20. Ginger Rice December 1, 2016

    The promo code “Monkey” for December is showing invalid on the Tropic Air page

    Is there another I should be using?

    Thank you in advance……

  21. tacogirl November 18, 2016

    Hi Darrin.

    Thanks for using my tacogirl travel coupon codes for your flight. As for where to stay for honeymoon can you please specify a bit more about what you are looking for? Just shoot me an email with a few more details at tacogirlbelize@gmail[dot]com

    All the best

  22. Darrin Thiessen November 17, 2016

    Heading to San Pedro Dec 1 via the Chetumal Corozal route , planning on tropic air, love a discount.
    And some suggestions on where to stay in san pedro area for honeymoon

  23. tacogirl August 22, 2016

    Anytime Amy. Safe and Happy Travels 🙂

  24. Amy August 22, 2016

    Just made my flight plans with tropic air. Thanks for the code tacogirl.

  25. tacogirl August 18, 2016

    Sent you an email with Current Code Cherie.

  26. Cheri August 17, 2016

    Please send tropic air discount code. Booking San Pedro to Placencia round trip. Thanks.

  27. DANNA HARRISON May 26, 2016

    Thank you so much.

  28. tacogirl May 24, 2016

    For future, please mail me at tacogirlbelize@gmail to get it Danna. I sent you an email with code and other useful Tropic Air information as well as my new San Pedro Town Map.

  29. tacogirl May 24, 2016

    Please mail me at tacogirlbelize@gmail to get it Danna

  30. DANNA HARRISON May 24, 2016

    Need discount code. Thanks

  31. tacogirl May 23, 2016

    Emailing you code Steve sorry for any inconvenience.

  32. Steve May 23, 2016

    Hi – Great site.. Tried to obtain the discount code for Tropicair using your site but kept coming back with an unknown error.. If you could email me the code I would appreciate it! Thanks

  33. tacogirl May 18, 2016

    Evening Chan, thanks for coming to me for tacogirl code to help you save money on your Belize Flights. I emailed you the current code, other useful Tropic Air info and my San Pedro Town Map.

  34. Chan May 18, 2016

    We are a family of 5 and would like to book the round trip air tickets from Belize City Municipal Airport to San Pedro Airport in June. Can you pls email me the coupon code? thanks.

  35. tacogirl April 20, 2016

    4 bottles per person at the Philip Goldson International Airport Brett. (double checked and added current number) If you are buying premium alcohol or wine it is with shopping duty free.

    Be sure and have good packing on hand for bottles and leave space in your checked luggage for them – they cannot go carry on. My tip for last min space is move a small portion of your packed luggage to your carry on and free up room for bottles.

  36. Brett April 19, 2016

    Hi, question about duty free alcohol…you said 6 bottles, is that per person? And how big would the bottles be? Also, is there a decent selection and is it cheaper than buying at grocery store in Ambergris Caye? Thank you, you’re site is so helpful:)

  37. tacogirl April 15, 2016

    Morning Leslie.

    While there are a few car rentals in Placencia most are not franchized. Hertz is your best bet to be able to do that http://www.carsbelize.com/about_belize.html

  38. Leslie April 14, 2016

    Is there anyway to rent a car at Belize International Airport and drive/drop it off in Placencia?

  39. tacogirl March 11, 2016

    Dominique, I checked http://www.tropicair.com/en/ booking page for Oct 13th as the 12th flight shows as fully booked. Choosing the next day, the code worked and the discount showed up. I can ask Tropic and see if they can open up another flight for the 12th. Just reply to my email if you want me to do that.

    All the best

  40. Dominique March 11, 2016

    Hi, I am trying to book a one-way flight for 2 people from CUN to BZE on 10/12/16 but when I enter the promo code, GECKO, tropic’s website is telling me that the promo price for this flight is not available and only shows the economy price. Any idea why this is happening?

  41. Tanya Secrist February 26, 2016

    Thank you! I love your site! Lots of great information!

  42. tacogirl February 16, 2016

    Tanya, very fitting that you asked this. I just published – Cost of flying direct from BZE Airport versus cab to TZA Airport https://tacogirl.com/best-belize-airfare/ You can also check this guest post by one of my longtime readers. Jenny and her family always take a cab and fly from to Municipal Airport to San Pedro Airport to save a few dollars. When it is just the adults, they fly out of Philip Goldson Airport to Ambergris Caye. https://tacogirl.com/belize-airpopubclised rts-flight-fees/

    You should be able to find a taxi van, if you need two would depend how much luggage you have and how lucky you get for vehicle.

  43. Tanya Secrist February 16, 2016

    We are a family of 5 traveling to Belize in May. It looks like we can save some money taking Tropic Air to Ambergris from the municipal airport rather than International. Any thoughts? Not sure if we could get a van style taxi or if we would need two since we are 5 with luggage.

  44. tacogirl December 28, 2015

    Correct code pdf emailed. It can also be obtained as a or download from this page.

  45. byron curtis December 27, 2015

    Please send coupon code for Tropic Air thanks

  46. Stacy Joffrion February 3, 2015

    Please send coupon code for tropic air. Thx


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