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Jesse James Style Caye Caulker Adventure

Belize Airports

It was a hot sunny day and my Canadian travel buddy Eskimo Pie aka Cathy and I made it to the 10:00 am water taxi just in time. It was her last day in Belize so I wanted to plan a special getaway so I enlisted the help of my Caye Caulker correspondent B. Flood (Brad).  He could not have done ... Read More »

Easier Connecting Flights and We Get Free Scotch?

Flights to Belize

In the aviation world airlines often decide to form an alliance as a way of enhancing the efficiency and value provided to travelers. For the airlines, it can lead to reduced operational costs, with the partner airlines working together to feed each other passengers. The advantages of airline alliances are clear: Passengers benefit from an extended network when two (or ... Read More »

Smart Traveler

Travel Smart in Belize

It has been on my mind to do a reminder post about traveling smart in Belize. It is also applicable no matter whether you are at home or on vacation and no matter where you are going. A few years back, my phone got hooked on my way to the store. A routine 10-minute walk turned into a really crappy ... Read More »

Air Miles Come to Belize

Air MIles

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” – Leonardo da Vinci Exciting news for those that love to fly! On January 1st, Tropic Air will be launching its Air Miles Frequent Flyer Program – TropicMiles. A soft launch will ... Read More »

Travel Season Reminders for a Better Travel Experience

Planning a trip can be a channeling even with all the guides, travel blogs and apps out there to help you. No matter how well mapped out your travel arrangements are, you cannot always plan for the unexpected but you can do your best. Travel Checklist A good travel checklist can help you take the stress out of the adventure. ... Read More »

Practical Travel

Travel Gear

This post is in celebration of Amazon Prime 2017. Amazon has become the easy shopping source for many especially when it comes to vacations. The following 6 reviews all come courtesy of traveler Todd Boewe. He reached out for advice on all things Ambergris Caye. He opted to choose family adventures while here with his kids. Todd did, however, do ... Read More »