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Who is tacogirl? 

Hi, I am Laurie, aka tacogirl, and sometimes just taco to my friends. I vacationed in San Pedro town on Ambergris Caye once for three weeks in 2004 and fell in love instantly with this quirky and colorful young tropical country. Next came my move to Belize in 2006. Fast forward 15 years later, I am now a successful dyslexic blogger and as of Sept 9, 2020, I am officially a Belizean. Click through to read my COVID travel story about getting Belize Citizenship. As for my business, tacogirl Belize blog helps travelers worldwide, as well as local people countrywide with insider tips, great stories and weather information. * Featured image above by drone photographer Kelly L. Jones. Below more useful and regularly changing information about Belize.

How you can help tacogirl blog survive Covid.

I am one of 39,000 (source Statistical Institute of Belize via Breaking Belize News,) who lost income in March 2020. Being faced without a monthly tourism-based paycheck for my blog business since March has been a bitter pill to swallow. Factor in the uncertainty of local Belize airlines and the removal of commission potential as they change their ways to survive and my main income source has been left in the dust right now.

I am very grateful to my readers who have been sponsoring my blog as I work on reinventing my tourism-based business on a tourism-based island without relying on tourism. (We are looking at 2023 before we see any kind of close to normal in that area.)  If you enjoy my heartfelt, informative and amusing Belize adventures and would like to help my blog survive the pandemic crash, please consider sponsoring via my PayPal account with the following email: laurie@tacogirl.com Thank you to everyone who has and will contribute to helping tacogirl Belize blog survive COVID fallout.  *Note to shoppers, you can find some great products in my travel store which includes reader recommendations, and on my tacogirl best travel gear page.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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Ambergris Caye Weather Conditions: April

April is a great time to plan your trip, March winds have died down and temperatures at this time in San Pedro and on Ambergris Caye are typically ranging from high of about  85°F or 29°C and low of approximately 76°F. or 24°C  with the average temp being around 79.7°F.or 26.5°C.  To find out more about the general climate in Belize visit my Belize Weather page

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White sandy Beaches in Belize

Belize Time and Currency

The country of Belize operates on Central Standard Time and has no daylight savings time clock changes. It is also referenced as GMT-6.

As for currency, you do not need to get Belize money before your trip. Belize dollars are pegged at two for one with the US dollar, which, in good condition, are widely accepted, except for coins. Always make sure you know which currency businesses are using as it varies between the two from place to place. North Ambergris Caye resorts tend to quote US dollars on their bills.   * Image below, a collection of Belizean money and coins by Joanne Weston.


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Belize currency

Travel philanthropically – easy Office Supply Donation for the Belize Cancer Center or San Pedro Cancer Society.

taco Tips

taco tip # 20 for Travellers

When taking a tour, pack smaller bills and separate your tip money. I usually give it to the lead tour guide and say “Thank you to all the guys for a great trip.” And please, do not forget to tip wherever you are. The Belize minimum wage is currently to $3.30 BZD ($1.65 USD) per hour – last change was in May 2012.

taco tip #25 for Expats and Businesses

Get in the habit of double paying all your utility bills every month. Start with the smallest and work your way up. Come slower season you will be glad you did as you can rest easy no matter what the local economy is doing.

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Sunset catamaran cruise celebrating Belize in December

TripAdvisor Belize

As a destination expert on tripadvisor Belize since 2009, I have already answered many questions you may have. See the Belize travel questions on my  tacogirl trip advisor destination expert profile page.  

I have also helped many readers along the way…

My girlfriend and I are traveling to Belize San Pedro from southern California at the end of the month. I’ve been enjoying your blog for the last few weeks; its by far the best one I’ve seen from San Pedro. ~ Samuel Hicks Holthouse Carlin & Van Trigt LLP

I enjoyed reading your story in Islands magazine. I must say it has triggered my interest in Ambergris Caye. I have emailed a real estate agent about property on the island. Thank you much for your time. I’m planning a visit to San Pedro soon. ~ Tina B.

I love that you keep me in the loop of Belize!! We are traveling back again in 2019 and was wondering if you still offered a tacogirl Tropic Air discount code* for the flights out of Belize City that you could share with me again? Also anything else that you may have that could be helpful would be wonderful!. Thanks ~ Melinda.