San Pedro Belize beach pictures

The Road Less Traveled

We met up with Dick and Carole at Island perk for coffee this morning and to figure out what to do with our sunny Saturday. We all decided to take “The Road Less Traveled” and head north as far as Belize Legacy for a drink and a dip in the pool.

It was a fun ride twisting and turning our way north – Paul and I had never been that far by land before.

When we got back to town we went our separate ways and said we would catch up with each other after dinner to see what was going on. It is 8:55 pm and I think we are getting old ha ha – a day of cart riding and sun wore us all out. Carole just popped me on the coconut phone and they are couching it watching a movie. I told her Paul just put a movie on downstairs and I came up here to watch tv in bed as I was not going to last through a movie tonight.

Heading north

2 cart Convoy

Taking the scenic route

Our version of Pacific Coast highway

Round the bend

Making room to pass

Tall plants

Stopping to chat

Seagrass bridge

Refreshing dip

Nice tiles

Great view

Heading for home

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