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Early to bed Early to Rise

One of the benefits of going to bed early is waking up early and getting stuff done.

Although I must admit 5am was just too early so I decided to rest my lazy self in bed till 7am – after all it is Sunday. It is 9am now I am on my second iced coffee got a load of sheets and towels in the wash (I am still praising the Mayan washing machine gods – so thankful not to be bucket washing our laundry).

We just had a light rain and I am getting ready to settle into watching Sex in he City movie yet again. This time I have secured a proper copy from Tech Transylvania and I feel confident there will be no cut off heads and coughing during the movie – Olivia and Chippy stand by their merchandise.

I recently got an interesting email from Atlanta. She found me through Islands magazine and wrote to tell me how she was here in 1987 when the island was an undiscovered treasure and shared stories of what it was like way back then. After finding out Temptation Island was filmed here and seeing how much development had happened, she was a bit sad that her “Gilligan’s Island” had been discovered – which is understandable.

It is hard to stop change and progress – sometimes you just have to go with it and work towards making changes for the better (hopefully). While I cannot keep up with all the changes that are happening, I have taken some pictures to help you all get familiar with some of the recent changes going on around town.

One of many things I appreciate here – hand painted signs

Tropic air

Working on new building

Wings doing work as well

No more beach access for vehicles – which is a good thing

New posts in BC’s parking lot

Parking lot rennovations

New Wine Devine building is coming along

Golf carts only down the road to Wet Willy’s / Water Taxi

10 thoughts on “Early to bed Early to Rise

  1. Anonymous says:

    The following appeared on the Ambergristoday blog on July 31, 2008 under their story captioned “Beach Access Blocked To Heavy Traffic.” It was written by anon and I reproduce as written: “Not even golf carts should be allowed on the beach. The beach should be cleaned up and restricted to foot traffic only. Tourists want to enjoy your beach but walking on the beach you find all sorts of garbage – plastic and glass bottles, styrofoam food containers, construction materials, vendor tables, sewer pipes from buildings in the sea, drain pipes from the street, exposed electrical wires, water feed pipes, innumerable bridges, and when you walk on the beach you meet bicycles, golf carts, delivery trucks, dog walkers with their dogs stooling on the beach. Keep your beach clean.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    The section of the beach from around the cemetery to Holiday Hotel is always very filthy. When the barges were moved you would think they would keep the beach clean. On another blog someone wrote about the beach. With your permission I can reproduce it.

  3. CarbunkleTrumpet says:

    Being one who has seen a lot of change on the island I would say that the majority of the change is for the better.

  4. tacogirl says:

    This is true – Occasionally I have seen people getting in trouble for doing that.

    Someone said regarding BC’s it was to stop cabs driving right out to the dock to pick people up not sure if that is true or not but does make sense.

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