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Start your day right

It helps to start your day right with a good breakfast. Something I do no usually do as I often get caught up in the land of iced coffee and do not eat till later in the morning or lunch time – bad habit I have yet to break myself of with any consistancy.

This morning it was nice to kick back at Changes, enjoy a proper breakfast at a decent time and some good conversation. We had the chance to meet a few guests staying there one of who just finished working at an archaeological site on the mainland – it was quite interesting hearing about his adventures.

I also got a great tip – putting a water fountain / aquarium pump in our well will air the water and will take the smell out of the water so we will not need to use so much purification tablets or bleach anymore. Luckily SJ said she would be able to us bring one when she comes – I figured would be cheaper to get pump stateside and we can just buy the outdoor extension chord here.

They always make me a special iced coffee because they know I do not drink hot

Eggs – beans – fry jacks with honey butter – sausages – bacon – YUM


  1. Oh Tacogirl this isn´t a breakfast, this is an whole day meal !!!
    I likes big breakfast but yours have surprised me.
    Best whises, gabriel.

  2. i love breakfast @ CIL…

  3. The pump will help for sure, very common problem.Breakfast for champions

  4. Ha Ha too funny rumpshaker

  5. omg-are we from the same planet?

  6. Yummy! Food looks deeeeeelish!!!

  7. So jealous for that bfast! It looks amazing. In El Salvador, where I am from, we also eat beans, eggs, queso duro in the morning. That Luna bar I had this AM is just not cutting it today.

  8. Those were particularly good jacks Michele – you will just have to come back for a visit to get your fill.

    Rumpshaker that is how I first got hooked on iced coffee – I was not a coffee drinker at all till one day an old roommate took me to a great Vietnamese place to try one after that I was hooked. I also love Mr Brown in the can as well have you tried that?

  9. have you ever had a vietnamese iced coffee “cafe sua da”-made with french press coffee and sweetened condensed milk?mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i only drink iced coffee too,cheers to my like-minded virgoan friend!

  10. Michele in Playa

    Great. Now I will be craving fry jacks all day. Thanks 😉

  11. Alli I will keep watch on that issue.

    So far the 2 people we know using this method have not had any issues and because the ones who gave us the tip run a b&b I figured it must work well because they cannot not have water issues with guests.

  12. Though the pump may alleviate the smell my guess is that it will do nothing for the critters that could live in the water. Something to consider…

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