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Thinking to much?

This morning I got to thinking about a conversation I recently had with Colly on the coconut phone. She was saying how she felt that a mutual friend of ours was an alien from another planet and had been sent here as penance for doing something wrong.

I sometimes feel like I am a bit of a misfit by society standards and as odd as it sounds I can relate to the idea of being sent here from another planet – not necessarily for having done something bad but to experience some life lessons in human form.

The bratpack all went to Pedro’s tonight but I was not in the mood. I am glad I stayed home – am quite content hanging out watching Johnny Bravo on boomerang tv and Pulp Fiction on vh1 – what a mix.

Image found at Fanpop.com

Image by talented cartoonist Benjamin Williams


  1. jupiter(with a nod to tori)and saturn

  2. Shh. The alien will hear you and know that we are plotting to scupper his evil plan. colly

  3. Mary can’t hear your wonderings after you get back here.

    What Planet rumpshaker?

  4. i am proud of my certain alien heritage

  5. Hi Tacogirl you obviously have too much time to think.. maybe they are from another planet??? Can’t wait to be in San Pedro so I can let my mind wonder….

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