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Thinking to much?

This morning I got to thinking about a conversation I recently had with Colly on the coconut phone. She was saying how she felt that a mutual friend of ours was an alien from another planet and had been sent here as penance for doing something wrong.

I sometimes feel like I am a bit of a misfit by society standards and as odd as it sounds I can relate to the idea of being sent here from another planet – not necessarily for having done something bad but to experience some life lessons in human form.

The bratpack all went to Pedro’s tonight but I was not in the mood. I am glad I stayed home – am quite content hanging out watching Johnny Bravo on boomerang tv and Pulp Fiction on vh1 – what a mix.

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Image by talented cartoonist Benjamin Williams

5 thoughts on “Thinking to much?

  1. Mary Mooney says:

    Hi Tacogirl you obviously have too much time to think.. maybe they are from another planet??? Can’t wait to be in San Pedro so I can let my mind wonder….

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