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Groceries San Pedro Style

There is often talk about how much things cost here and where to shop. It is very rare that we manage one stop shopping on the island. I used to keep a price book of what things cost at different stores but have not updated it in a long time – thinking it might be good to revisit that idea.

Here is the 411 on San Pedro shopping social scene and what I got for my $69 bzd today

First stop
Maria’s where I ran into Rudy, Doug and Jean. There I bought 4 green peppers – 2 white onions – 2 bananas – 1 cucumber – 1 avocado which did not make it in my bag somehow (not sure if I was charged for it or not). Total cost 12.50 – I also had the pleasure of being handed a fresh squeezed orange juice while I shopped which along with the friendly service more than makes up for my missing avocado. ( I am not an oj fan prefer real oranges but this was good) I also got a ride from Rudy to my next shopping destination. (to see more of maria’s mini market check out Island Life blog)

Second stop
San Pedro Public Supermarket – ran into Brad there. I spent 19.50 there and I got – 1 package napkins – 1 box raspberry juice – 3 cans salsa casera – 1 pack chili seasoning mix – 4 carrots – 1 box president milk – 1 box Kirkland soy milk.

Third stop
Santiago Castillo – Enes from Belize Diving adventures was shopping too. There I purchased 1 bottle of white vinegar – 1 box of 3 cheese macaroni – 1 8oz brick of cheese – 1 small bottle of cucumber ranch dressing – 1 pack cinnamon raisin bagels – 1 real mayonnaise – one package ginger cookies – one bag uncooked popcorn – total cost $37

I would have spent more as I planned to buy a box of shrimp at the Crystal depot but when I got there I learned that they switched things back to how it used to be and I have to go to the Belikin depot to get my shrimp. If I was doing a full shop I would have added in the sausage factory and a few stores in town as well but I wanted to stay close to home and on foot.

View on the way to buy vegetables

Standing up in pick up truck

Water tractor

Maria’s Mini Market – fruits and vegetables and juices

Veggie shopping

Rudy waiting for his Juice

San Pedro Public Supermarket

Had to throw this one in for the Belikin drinkers

It is quite likely someone you know is around the corner at Roadkill bar

Walking towards Santiago Castillo and home

Last stop Santiago Castillo

3 thoughts on “Groceries San Pedro Style

  1. Tina says:

    Great pics! I am so happy Maria got a plug. She is the sweetest lady. This is a new location for her,she should do well.

  2. Alli says:

    I have a fairly accurate price list mainly from Super Buy. Happy to share, just email me! Alli from Peace Corps

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