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I really wanted to use my ipod shuffle on my trip up to the school today so I figured time to get downloading the program to go with it so I can load some music. I have to admit I was a bit put out that I could not just drag and drop music onto it in the first place that would make the most sense.

I tried MediaWidget and did not get to far. I am sure it is a fine program based on reviews I have read there are no complaints – except mine… where the heck are the instructions for low tech people like myself. All it seems to want to do is transfer music from my ipod to my computer – if I had music on my ipod in the first place I would not be doing all this.

Now I am on round 2 and downloading iTunes which according to Belize internet is going to take about 1.5 hours to do so – not impressed ha ha I am ready to go now. I think it’s time to go toast a bagel and chill out a minute.

Actual download time – 57 minutes. Was I able to get it working before I had to go? Unfortunately not. I know I make jokes about being low tech but this goes way beyond that lol – I did not think it would require a rocket science degree.

When I got to the school and checked out the progress on the new computer lab, any trace of my technology induced bad mood vanished. I was totally wowed seeing 40 brand new Dell computers set up and ready. This wonderful gift came from several members of Parish of St Matthews congregation (who wish to remain anonymous ) Pacific Palisades, CA. Thanks to their generous donation, the students can take their learning to the next level and the teachers will be able to get their Associate teachers Degrees without leaving the Island or their jobs to do so.

Other school news is just as exciting as the computer lab, Vernon has been working with working with CNU college in USA and the Minister of Education in Belize to bring CNU’s marine biology department and set up a study of mangroves and the micro biology associated with them. They will be working together setting up a farm to grow mangroves for transplanting to other areas of the island to help replace what the developers are destroying by clear cutting of the mangroves. What a huge education opportunity that will be for HC kids and teachers to learn as well as grad students and professors from CNU. They will also be pioneering the transplanting of sea grasses in Belize to help replace the sea grasses which are often displaced by dredging for sand for piers, landings, and boats. To lean more about this, the health post, and new child counseling center please visit the Holy Cross School blog.

Shout outs to – Lancaster, United Kingdom – Vancouver, Canada – Kansas City, United States – Sherman, United States – Virginia Beach, United States – Calgary, Canada – Kearney, United States – Evansville, United States – Indianapolis, United States – Alexandria, United States – Memphis, United States – Aberdeen, United States – London, United Kingdom – Denver, United States- Phoenix, United States – Sunnyvale, United States – Davenport, United States – Belize City, Belize – Saint Petersburg, United States – Sedalia, United States – Virginia Beach, United States – Sequim, United States -Glendale, United States – Ashburn, United States – Lake Hopatcong, United States -Ellington, United States – Minneapolis, United States – Baltimore, United States – Union Grove, United States – Duvall, United States – Redmond, United States – Rochester, United States – Atlanta, United States -Cuernavaca, Mexico – Rockfall, United States – Brandon, Canada – Las Vegas, United States – thanks for reading tacogirlblog

Heading to the bridge

Side road by Casa Pan Dulce

Roads are a bit bumpy

Not as bad as they were last time I passed this way

Boca Del Rio roads

A bit wet from the rain a few days back


40 new Dell computers – thanks to Parish of St Matthews

A must here – surge protectors

Imagine the possibilities

Lots of learning potential for teachers and students

Miss Grace our school Nurse and Miss Linda fitting and collecting payment for uniforms

Volunteers washing chairs

5 thoughts on “Frustrated

  1. says:

    Wow, that is one incredibly generous and important donation! Way to go, humans!

  2. glorv1 says:

    I just ran across your blog and really am enjoying reading past and present posts. Everything you are writing sounds oh so interesting and fun. I’ll be back. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the shout out, don’t forget me, Coal Valley, IL! I read it every day to get my San Pedro fix! Wish air fares would drop a little bit so we could return soon! We love SP and the warm and friendly people. I devour every bit of info you post, and love seeing the pictures of the places we know and love! Thanks for sharing your adventures!
    Lynn, in Coal Valley, IL

  4. Anonymous says:

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