A Bit About My Move to Belize

Originally from Canada, I made the life-changing decision escape winter for good after one three week vacation. I have been living on the tropical island of Ambergris Caye since 2006.

I waited the required year to become a resident then started tacogirl.com – the Original Belize Blog Since 2007. Through my site, I provide useful information to help people worldwide plan, and get the most out of their Belize vacation advice on accommodations, golf carts, tours and food. My writing is also beneficial to future expats who are planning a move to Belize, I have had a few people told me my blog was a big factor in moving to Ambergris Caye.

If you are planning on moving abroad, I suggest you do your research and include a scouting trip. At the same time, if it is meant to be for however long, you will feel it. I know people that have moved here sight unseen and with very little research and are really quite happy here.

3 Childhood Memories That Shaped my desire to move to the Tropics

  • Sailing in the Virgin Islands
  • Seeing a rainbow out the window of an island hopper to Puerto Rico
  • Christmas in Hawaii

My Favorite Role Model

Sir Richard Branson. He has greatly inspired me in life. His philosophy says a lot about why I like him: “Just do it, think yes not no, challenge yourself, have goals, have fun, make a difference, stand on your own feet, be loyal and live life to the fullest.”

I have discovered some interesting things we both have in common: Both of us are dyslexic, we have both published our own magazine, enjoy tropical Islands, (only difference is, he owns his), we both write stuff down in school notebooks and we both walk on ‘the road less traveled’.

My Favorite Hobby and Most Frequently Asked Question

One of my favorite hobbies is Hula Hooping. It is actually on requirement list as far as living accommodations are concerned to have a big enough space to hoop inside without having to rearrange my furniture too much. I time myself with music and so far my record is being able to hoop for 45 minutes straight. I even had my hula hoops on the popular show, 90 Day Fiancé.

Hands down the question people ask me the most is how I got the name tacogirl. The answer; not long after moving here I found the Ambergris Caye Belize message board and needed a nickname to join. My first choice was beach girl but it was taken. I thought to myself “what else do I like besides the beach” and of course, food was the next thing that came to mind. Immediately “tacos” popped into my head and instantly I decided on tacogirl. It was a split second decision that changed my life in ways I could not even begin to imagine.