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Tropic Air Fare Increase

Unfortunately, I was not surprised by the email regarding a Tropic Air fare increase. I have noticed many shops doing the same. Fifty cents here twenty-five cents there and in the case of canned coconut milk I saw it recently at one store for just over two more than I used to pay.

Between Covid Coaster after effects and fuel increase, many businesses have had to slightly raise their prices.

As for the cost of flying in Belize, starting August 1, 2022 fares will show an increase of 5% for flights booked for November 1, 2022, and thereafter.

The increase comes as a trickle-down effect from rising prices in parts, labor, and jet fuel leaving the airline with no alternative other than increasing fares for the start of the 2022 high season.

Tropic hopes the public understands and will continue to provide the same high-quality service people have come to rely on.

Something to consider, while you may have to pay a few dollars more for your flight, the sky view is absolutely worth it.

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