San Pedro Belize

Long walk on a rainy day

Dick and I clocked a lot of miles today between walking to town and back, then down to the beach. For the first part of our walk we decided to take roads we do not travel as often as a result I got some great pictures for tonight’s post and lots of stock for a few works in progress. We got all our errands done and headed back to Dicks place to check if  the electric company had come and sorted out his power issues – there was something wrong with the meter that was causing surges.

While there I was working from my phone and found out I had to do one last errand,  a quick stop at Banana Beach. I decided beach time was in order so after my errand, it was time hit the dock at Banyan Bay.

We were sitting there watching the storm roll in and heard the unmistakable sound of Paula laughing on the beach so we decided to go say hi and try to beat the rain. Turns out she was hanging out with a bunch of really nice people staying at Banyan bay. We got chatting and before long it started to pour so we all took cover on their veranda and waited for the rain to stop.

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