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Living in Belize

Flash Mob for Christy


Organizing a simple flash mob is a lot harder than it looks. In theory we had it ll planned out we were on time and everything was going according to plan. Gigi and I saw Jarris on the way to Tropic Air so we  told him to hop on the cart and join the fun.

When we got to the airport  Sue and Carlos were out front waiting for us. They got to work with Gigi and a few others that showed up to make our flash mob crowd bigger. I was moving between helping them outside and checking in with reservations.

Maria at Tropic Air desk was helpful at making sure we knew when Christy was in the air and then everything happened so fast. We had barely got everyone upstairs and she was on the ground and excitedly walking through the door with Sue and a cold Belikin beer in her hand.I quickly facebooked that we were going live and went to taco cam ustream to start broadcasting.

The flash mob quickly came downstairs and started doing the hokey pokey welcoming Christy to Belize, she loved it. This is her first trip outside the USA and away from her family in Wisconsin so definitely a special occasion.

tacoboy said he caught a bit of it on taco cam, unfortunately tech troubles caused the stream not to save but I did get a few pictures and Gigi got more of Christy and Sue’s initial meeting which I will post as soon as she sends them.

For Christy’s friends and family sorry it all happened so fast, hope some of you caught it. You will be able to tune in to taco cam tomorrow afternoon and see her at Pedro’s Hotel fundraiser for Liberty Children’s home.

[if all goes well with internet I will be live streaming the event]

tropic air san pedro belize

Wrangeling people for flash mob at Tropic Air

tropic air belize

Organizing Christy's flash mob at Tropic Air

Belize airport flash mob

Christy's flash mob

tropic air belize

Welcome to Belize Christy


  1. Christy Poppe December 11, 2011

    Thanks you guys!! That was soooooo cool! I get teary eyed when I think of it just as I got teary eyed then. THANK YOU! KISSES!!!

  2. Sue December 11, 2011

    Christy was so happy and excited. I just want to thank everyone who showed up to help welcome Christy to my new home! I feel so blessed to live here.

  3. tacogirl December 11, 2011

    It was, Sharon and Christy loved it. Maybe next time you are in town we can do a flash mob.

  4. Sharon Hiebing December 11, 2011

    Oh that sounds like a blast – what a good idea! Wish I could have been there. I would have joined right in.

  5. tacogirl December 10, 2011

    It was a total blast, thanks for all your help Gigi.

  6. Gigi McQueen December 10, 2011

    Was a blast grabbing people off the street..was even funny when I got turned down~ lol lol


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