Liberty Children’s Home Funrdaiser

I was up early working on my weighting down my hula hoops, I am sure they will get plenty of use today. Somehow my blue electrical tape has disappeared into a blue hole, and it is stopping me from finishing the last 2 hoops. I saw it on the table while I was working on green but that is as far as my brain recall goes. Anyone else suffer from same issue sometimes?

tacoboy to the rescue, he grabbed the Steven King book he was reading, flipped through it and told me to repeat – Tony Tony come around somethings lost that can’t be found. We both stood in the kitchen repeating it and a few minutes later he saw the tape had rolled under my desk chair. Thanks to Tony I finished my hoops and be color coordinated.

Hopefully the 5 minute power/water out we just had turns out to be our only tech glitch for the day. Almost made me loose what I had written but thanks to the back and try again button I was able to save it.

In crunch mode now 1 h till Gigi picks us up and I have to get this post published, answer a few emails, finish packing my tech gear, shower, get dressed and try to eat something.

I will be Streaming off an on through today and live blogging from the Liberty Children’s home fundraiser. There is going to be live music, Island Academy jumpathon, silent auction, raffles and more. Broadcast time updates will be posted here and on facebook page.

We are now Live at Pedro’s Hotel Liberty Kids fundraiser. I have been streaming the barbecue boys and set up. Finally made it to ‘my office’ the poker room to get a few pictures uploaded.

More pics to come

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