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Urgent Call for Help

Woke up to some heartbreaking news from Gigi in fb news this morning. The Word at Work annual Christmas container full of donations was ransacked. Every year the Word at Work mission group buys a new pair of shoes for all the children in the orphanages that they serve. This year they wanted to do something extra special for the kids and worked it out so the children were able to shop online and pick the exact shoes they wanted for Christmas.

Being able to choose which shoes I want is definitely something I can say have taken for granted, although slightly less so over the past 6 years, living on an island definitely cuts down on choices.  Imagine if you were a kid in an orphanage [or it was your child] – and every year you got new shoes thanks to volunteers. You got what you got and were just happy someone cared enough to put brand new shoes on your feet. Then the wonderful folks that had been giving you new shoes yearly came along and opened up a whole world of choice and allowed for you to go online be able to pick the shoes you like the most. What a huge threat and so sad they all got stolen.

Heather have and I been g-chatting all morning about what had happened and brainstorming how to help.  I asked her to send me a short blurb [read below] for today’s blog so I could put the word out here. We need to help The Word at Work bounce back from this unfortunate event. Here is link to Heathers Direct Abundance blog post of  Tim Tam’s original email.

Tim Tam and the Word at Work Ministry have been doing great things volunteering in Belize for a long time. In 2009 he helped get the industrial stove donation to mainland Belize for Holy Cross. 2010 and 2011 he encouraged the Direct Abundance girls in their volunteer work United Against Abuse workshop in Belmopan and the San Mateo Sanitation Project. [ This project still  needs as much help as it can get – follow this link to see reminder why]. When I emailed him in back in 2010 to get a rain boot donation from one of my blog readers he was happy to help. The boots got sent by Alan to Amarillo Texas and Tim Tam got them on a donation container as soon as he could and delivered them right to the San Mateo Empowerment Project road building crew who needed them.

I am asking anyone who can help please call Tim Tam’s cell: 806-671-9673 or email asap This is an important cause and time is limited as Christmas is coming fast.

Hi tacogirl.

I just received a very sad email from an organization called ‘The Word at Work’. They talk about how their 40 ft container was burglarized and the donations were heading to a children’s home in Belize.  They mention “The thieves made off with toys, food supplies, book bags, shoes, and many other donations meant to make Christmas a little brighter in very dark places.”

This is an organization that does great work all over the country.  They supported us in the 2 day conference ‘United Against Abuse’ and Kenny the gentleman they speak of, who has chosen to stay, is one of the builders helping us with the building of our first system. This organization gives endlessly.

We are sending out a call of help!  If anyone has any contacts or would like to help organize something, Tim will be in Belize Friday.  We can let him know we have raised some donations for him!


Leaving you with Gigi’s flash mob pictures from the other day at Tropic Air. She was up stairs in the mob and caught Christy’s surprise ambush and delight from that angle.


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