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Jump on the Bandwagon

I am asking anyone who is able to please Jump on the bandwagon and help a great cause. Just under 1 week to go to help the Word at Work Ministry volunteers be able to share Christmas with many places and people in Belize that do not have a lot and very much need all the help they can get. I would like to send a big shout-out to everyone who has already stepped up to help the Word at Work bounce back from the ransacked container.

Below is a follow-up email with details on what is needed most from Tim Tam regarding yesterday’s ‘Urgent call for Help‘  – if you have not read it please do this is a very important cause and worth supporting.

I just got a phone call from one of your followers,  turns out he lives right here with us in Amarillo and will be rounding up support.

It’s too late for us to send another sea container before Christmas.  at this point our strategy is to raise donations to purchase items in Belize.

During the week before Christmas, our goal is always to make Christmas a little brighter for those most in need. Here is a list of our objectives new shoes for children in all the orphanages in Belize, food and toys for some of the most impoverished and communities.

For this we work through churches and organizations in:
–  the burial grounds on the south side of Belize city
–  ghost town/ Mayflower Street in Belize city
–  Valley of peace near Belmopan
other places we  bring support
–  women’s shelters
– Belize  central prison
–  Help Age,  Homes for the Elderly
–  Hospice….. Palliative Care

In the States, We Are Asking People to Send Checks To Our Office
Can you send a Check to
The Word at Work
1400 Wolflin
Amarillo, TX 79109

In Belize  Support Can Be Sent to
Cisco Construction
3.5 Miles Western Highway
Belize City
Care of /  The Word at Work

I got emailing back and forth with  Gigi, she has been putting the word out and getting donations as well. She led me to ask Tim Tam if he had PayPal and credit card donation options and he got back to me fast with the following  info:

1.  PayPal through available on their website The Word at Work.

2. Credit cards contact Cindy Wall to give credit card info email cindy.d.wall@gmail.com or call 575-760-2101

Featured image watching the Liberty Children’s Home fundraiser live on tv from Alabama by @houseboatwayne via twitter

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