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Sol Farms Organic Produce


So happy we are back on track, 5 of us  just got a shipment of organic vegetables from Sol Farms yesterday evening – Thanks Greg and all who helped to put the veggies on our tables. I need them now more than ever, the cold I had kicked [except for low energy part] came back with a vengeance right before the Liberty fundraiser.

I am feel like Gigi’s electric golf cart when charge is low.  I get my energy charged up a bit after a good rest and it drops way to fast,  think my charger is on the fritz lol. I have already been taking extra vitamins and doing ginger and honey tea but needed something more. I am so ready to put these vegetables, moringa powder and chia seeds to the test and see if  I can get my energy levels back on track for Sunday’s Wish you were Here – Breakfast and Backgammon at Estel’s. Remember it will be a live broadcast so you can all tune in on taco cam and join us Sunday at 11am Belize time.

One last thing and I am going back to rest mode.

Some of you may have caught my facebook post yesterday about  the Vendana Shiva special on Link tv – The Seeds of Change.  She gave a powerful speech on saving seeds, preserving biodiversity and protecting our food supply. Please help support our local Organic farmers by joining Sol Farms facebook page. Help keep Belize green and GMO free – it is so important.

Today’s pictures courtesy of Sol Farms.


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  1. tacogirl December 15, 2011

    They do, I will email you contact info right now. He has been listing what is available weekly on his facebook page.

  2. A King's Life December 15, 2011

    So….do they deliver on the Island? We’d love some organic produce and could definitely commit to an order a week.


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