Building in Belize

Belize Banking and ATM Fees

Banking in a foreign country can often seem like the crooked sticks in my featured image above. It does not always make sense. Thankfully somehow everything manages to come out straight in the end and you get your money for the most part. Since my write up on Helpful Tips and Issues With ATM Use […]

Daily Life in Belize

Sometimes You Need Extreme Patience

Daily life in Belize is not always easy. I messaged both Wade and Kathy from Roadkill Bar this morning to let them know that I was finally changing my sign that is on display along the outside fence of the bar. After that, I decided to check and I found the start of getting the […]

Belize Banks

Helpful Tips and Issues With ATM Use at Belize Banks

You may or may not know that there is an an issue happening with foreign bank cards and ATM service in the Belize Banks right now. If you are an expat or traveler this applies to you. This information could save you from a few heart palpitations and stress. Not too long ago, I had […]

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Why Belize Isn’t a Third World Country

Guest Post by Sharon Hiebing Ever since contemplating moving to Belize, and then once doing so in 2010, I have often heard it referred to as a Third World country. Just to clarify, I’m not one of those history buffs or excessively political types, so I only had a notion of what “third world” meant. […]