Building in Belize

Belize Banking and ATM Fees

Banking in a foreign country can often seem like the crooked sticks in my featured image above. It does not always make sense. Thankfully somehow everything manages to come out straight in the end and you get your money for the most part. Since my write up on Helpful Tips and Issues With ATM Use […]

Buying Property in Belize

Thinking of Buying Property in Belize? Here’s What Not to do.

So many come to Belize, fall in love and start working out how they can invest in something more permanent than a 2-week vacation. Since there are so many things to consider I decided to accept an offer from a Belize City real estate attorney to give guidance to my readers. Today’s guest post comes […]

Belize Drivers License

Getting or Replacing a Belize Drivers License and Gas Prices

After my February move, I somehow could not find where my Belize drivers license got packed and I searched high and low to no avail. I happened to explain the situation to one of my traffic police friends and he told me exactly what to do to order a replacement. I had to go to […]

Belize beach

Important Expat Passport Info and Low Cost Electricity

Passport Information for Citizens from the United States Unfortunately for U.S. expats, the news is not so good. This is the last month you will be able to get extra pages in your passport. Once you run out of pages you will have to apply for a new passport. As of January 2016, the Embassy […]