Buying Property in Belize

Thinking of Buying Property in Belize? Here’s What Not to do.

So many come to Belize, fall in love and start working out how they can invest in something more permanent than a 2-week vacation. Since there are so many things to consider I decided to accept an offer from a Belize City real estate attorney to give guidance to my readers. Today’s guest post comes […]

Shooting in the dark with GoPro HD Hero2

It’s no exaggeration to say that GoPro has changed the world of adventure video making and created a niche market in sports photography. GoPro’s cameras are designed to be strapped onto helmets, bikes, boats, and it is about capturing action from the adventurer’s perspective. For those who want a high-quality fun tech toy to capture […]

lobster season in belize

All you can eat Lobster pizza always a crowd pleaser

San Pedro Lobster Festival crawl continued on at Pedro’s Hotel last night and Fri night for “All you can eat” Lobster pizza. Paul and I both agreed that this years all you can eat pizza night went smoother than all previous years, just goes to show sometimes it takes a few tries to hit the […]

belize birds

Raincoats Roosters and Chickens Everywhere

Through the night and this morning we were still experiencing lots of rain from the tropical depression. we were headed to town and sometime after 7:00am, the rain stopped for a bit. When we drove through San Pedrito, we noticed lots of roosters and chickens out and about. They were tired of being cooped in […]