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Weather In Belize

Raincoats Roosters and Chickens Everywhere


Through the night and this morning we were still experiencing lots of rain from the tropical depression. we were headed to town and sometime after 7:00am, the rain stopped for a bit.

When we drove through San Pedrito, we noticed lots of roosters and chickens out and about. They were tired of being cooped in and taking advantage of the break in the rain.

Here are 3 pics of the many we saw puttering around the streets.

Same as yesterday the sky started to clear up as the morning progressed. When the sun finally made an appearance this afternoon, it was not long enough or hot enough to start drying out the roads. I wonder if we will get more rain tomorrow morning, will have to check wunderground. tomorrow

Don’t forget tonight’s San Pedro Lobster Festival Event is all you can eat Lobster Pizza at Pedro’s Hotel 7:00pm onward.

captain sharks boat yard

Rain poncho from Captain Sharks

ruby's deli belize

Pit stop at Ruby’s Deli for bacon egg Johnny cakes

san pedro town

Fruit day on the lagoon side of the island

belize weather

The Sky is clearing

rain season in belize

Standing water in yard

belize weather

Large puddles from the tropical depression

belize rainy season

Raincoat weather all around


Today’s video comes from the way back machine, I pieced it together from some old clips I found while backing up. Molly and Tacoboy bonding over massage, coconuts and soppy ending.


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