El Diablo

El Diablo Maiden Voyage and South Ambergris PSA

El Diablo Maiden Voyage If you have been following Facebook you already know that it was Jake “from State Farm” that took the maiden voyage on El Diablo. If this is news to you then I will backtrack and fill you in a bit. El Diablo is the new water slide at Caribbean Villas Hotel. […]

Belize postal service

Belize Postal Service, a Dirty little Secret and Current Internet Pricing

Belize Postal Service is an area of question that often comes up for future expats, they want to know what options are available for mail delivery and in some cases need to have a change of address set up in advance.  Our mail system is general delivery and we have no zip/postal codes, something that […]

belize mail

Shipping to Belize – what it costs and how long it takes

After reading my #Travel Tuesday How I go magazine shopping in Belize post,  Peter wrote and sent me a couple of pics of  stacks of magazines and if I didn’t mind a few dog eared pages he would be more than happy to mail some. He was going check at the post office about shipping […]