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El Diablo Maiden Voyage and South Ambergris PSA


El Diablo Maiden Voyage

If you have been following Facebook you already know that it was Jake “from State Farm” that took the maiden voyage on El Diablo.

If this is news to you then I will backtrack and fill you in a bit. El Diablo is the new water slide at Caribbean Villas Hotel. The new 3 story fun ride was built on the island with the scheduled opening this past Sunday. Local expat Jake “from State Farm” paid $500 to be the first one to ride the slide (that came with a lifetime membership).

On Sunday Jake went dressed to slide in a cape, headband and Belizean color themed beads. Caribbean Villas had their first aid kit on hand and thankfully it was not needed. A big crowd came for the 9:30 am launch and true to Belizean form it was slightly delayed but with good reason – speakers were needed to blast “The Final Countdown” song for Jake’s slide ride. Aside from the dock being crowded, there were 2 boats waiting to watch him take the inaugural ride. People took pics from all angles and there are 3 videos below from 3 different views; air, boat, and Jake 🙂

Ride the Slide

To ride El Diablo water slide – the cost is $5 per ride or $25 for a day pass. Hours of operation are from 10:00 am until dusk. There is an attendant on hand for safety purposes. Caribbean Villas is planning to send their slide attendant for first aid and CPR in November.

To see more pictures of Jake riding El Diablo, the gorgeous Sunday Caribbean Sea and more, visit Bound for Belize blog by Robert Hawkins.

Things to do in Belize

Jake paying big bucks to take the maiden voyage on El Diablo

Belize Red Cross

What to do in Belize

What to do in Belize

Boats already waiting to watch the big event

Things to do in Belize

Pedro took Forrest, Karen, Heidi, Jambo and I out on his boat to catch the show from the water

El Diablo

El Diablo 3 story water slide

Things to do in Belize

Jake up top of El Diablo and Matt steering Drone copter that is above the slide

Things to do in Belize

State Farm splash

What to do in Belize

Dock was packed with people out to watch Jake slide

Belize food

Watching Jake worked up my appetite – I pick Belizean fried jacks over toast 99.9% of  the time

What to do in Belize

Poppy appeal fundraiser with a chance to win a smartphone or a Wine de Vine basket

Go Pro Jake cam from Ecologic Divers

Heidi Simmons video view from the water

South Ambergris Caye PSA

If you live south and rent a mailbox with Dianne you now have a new location to pick up your mail.

Quicksilver private mailboxes have now moved from San Pedro Public supermarket around the corner from Roadkill Bar to La Isla Bonita Internet Etc. – 2017 update – Now at Mermaid Supermarket. Hours are 7:30 AM to 10:00 PM.

Belize mail

Quicksilver Dianne looking for a cab to move her mailboxes

Belize postal service

Moving mailboxes south

Belize postal service

Almost at the new location

Belize mail

La Isla Bonita Internet Etc.

Belize postal service

Quicksilver mailboxes in the new location

Belize mail

My bento box animals have arrived


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