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Waiting on a Friend

The countdown is really on, one of my good friends [lucky to have many] is coming home for 1 week. He arrives today on the 1:40 pm flight. I can’t wait to enjoy a week of all the things we do together like running errands, window shopping at the hardware store, hanging out on docks taking pictures planning, and daydreaming about where we see ourselves and helping each other navigate the way. It will be such good therapy, I have really missed that.

He booked a tacogirl special on the 1:40 flight from Belize City to Ambergris Caye and ended up coming in at 1:15 and thankfully was able to coconut phone me from the airport.

Gigi, Dennis, and I all went to Tropic to meet him then we back to Lucky 13 to hang out.

tropic air belize

4 thoughts on “Waiting on a Friend

  1. Maureen says:

    and these 2 favorite friends will be coming in 105 days! 🙂 I need to book 2 TG TA specials please. Can’t wait for our dinners in the park, dande’s, LOBSTERFEST, sunset sail, Pedro’s and of course the floaties in your pool! 🙂

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