swimming in belize


Funny how sometimes life forces you to slowdown whether you want to or not. I have been experiencing a major slowdown on my lap top so I decided to do a bit of organizing and put everything back in the right folders, disc clean up and defrag. 784,611 kb w0rth of deletable bits for c drive and 305, 558kb for d drive – running smoother now.

Once I got going I thought it was a good idea to go beyond my desk and and do a major clean up – talk about slow moving chore going through every closet and drawer bit by bit.

I have been coming across lots of  stuff I do not need or use and lots of papers like old hydro bills and such. I found a bunch of them saved from when we worked out that we were paying the wrong power bill and kept getting cut off.  I also got big pile of craft supplies sorted to share with Gigi. It feels good to organize and let go.

How long do you hold onto bills and old bits of paper and stuff  you do not really need?

We went down to El Divino at Banana Beach to meet Ron and Kathy for lunch and just walking there and back was enough to make us overheat. Got lucky and saw Bill wile we were there.  Unfortunately we have not been doing much partying lately and not managed to cross paths with everyone who is in town 🙁

Today was perfect swimming weather a hot bright sunny day. I will leave you with some fabulous pool pictures I found while looking researching aquafit for the San Pedro Belize Aquafit facebook page.

Tech Tip – A while back I mentioned Tech tip for bloggers on picture etiquette in my How to make Hula Hoops post on saving pictures with site url or persons name so you remember who to credit. Should you forget to do this like I did with  the pool shots above, just take the name of the picture do a Google image search and chances are you will find that you are looking for.

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