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Where Else Could You do This Before You Fly?

For her departure from her last trip here, Lydia was booked on the 11:00 am flight to Belize International Airport. We opted to make plans with Colin and Laura to have one last breakfast before she left. Estel’s was the unquestionable choice. We agreed to meet at 9:00 to make sure we had enough time in case the popular beach breakfast spot was busy. It was, but we still made it out in under an hour.

Food in Belize
Breakfast with Colin and Laura

Lydia still had some last minute gift shopping to do, so she asked if we could pass by Ambar in Fido’s Courtyard. This is a popular spot for reasonably priced nice jewelry. I know a few girls that have ongoing collections and pick up a new piece from there every time they vacation.

After Ambar we still had some time so I decided to head north and that we would stop in at Cast Away, Omar’s shop on the way. I have had him restring a few crystal necklaces and Lydia said she has used him for jewelry repairs as well and was up for a fast look.

Unfortunately since that last visit, his shop is no longer there and I am not sure where he moved too. New tenants, The Candle Garden lucked out though as that is a much bigger space for them compared to their old shop. (Does anyone know where Omar went to or if he is still in Belize?)

Next came the beach road. This was the real reason I wanted to head north before checking Lydia in at Tropic Air to begin her journey back to Texas. We slowed down the clock and took our time to enjoy the tropical ambiance on a favorite San Pedro “road”. Where else could you do this drive before you fly and end up at the airport 10 minutes later?

San Pedro Belize
Turning onto the beach road

A perfect scenic drive before hopping in a plane

San Pedro Belize
Last few minutes of Caribbean Sea and palm tree time

Sadly it was time to get Lydia to the airport for check-in – arriving 1/2 hour before your flight is recommended. We got there in plenty of time which is a good thing as it was very busy that day. The middle picture I took for fun from the upstairs waiting area. Where’s Waldo or in this case where’s Wenda (Waldo’s girlfriend) – she is in the last seat upper right hand corner.

It was time to drop our 48 hour golf cart rental (started as 24 but we were having too much fun) back at Ultimate Rentals around the corner from the airport. I decided to walk home and visit Colin and Lara at Coral Bay Villas on the way for a bit more beach time.

San Pedro Belize
Long dock on my beach walk
San Pedro Belize
Boats and a tropical shade palapa
San Pedro Belize
Watching San Pedro Sailing Club from Coral Bay Villas yard while visiting Colin and Laura
San Pedro Belize
Visit done and heading for home

6 thoughts on “Where Else Could You do This Before You Fly?

  1. Wendy Gainsborough says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this entry, the pics are beautiful and add to my excitement for my return trip to the island in 19 more sleeps !!

  2. tacogirl says:

    Thanks Mar, glad you found it special too. I enjoyed pulling this out of saved drafts to finish and remembering that day. Love taco chip, first time for anyone calling me that made my friend and I laugh 😀

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