Blue Tang Belize

My Rainy Day Treat

Some people might think it was cray cray (really crazy) to stay one night in a hotel in your own city especially when you know it was going to be pouring down with rain. For me, it was the smart thing to do and a well-deserved treat. I knew I would have been housebound anyways since I had decided to give myself most of the day off. I figured why not get completely away from work (home office) and enjoy some true rest and relaxation? Cute and Colorful Just like the well known tropical fish, the Blue Tang Inn is cute and colorful. From the bright mermaid (Sirena) sign to the hand painted tropical wood chairs in the courtyard area. Did you know Blue Tang fish plays an important roll in our Ecosystem? Blue tang fish are known to feed on algae that grow on coral.  With their super sharp teeth, they are able to remove it from rocks and coral. Not only does it help prevent the algae from taking over and suffocating the coral reef, it is a healthy diet part of their diet. Because it was so rainy during my stay there, I used a few of the pictures that were taken on the day we went sailing on the Sirena Azul. It was a nice sunny day and I decided to snap a few pics while my waffles were cooking at the breakfast bar.

Open Concept Room

The room I had was spacious with big windows and a vaulted ceiling. It has a nice couch, full kitchen, and a comfortable dining area. I did not get it in the picture but to the left-hand bottom side of the bed, there was a nice flat screen TV hanging on the wall. Perfect for my rainy day entertainment.

Blue Tang Inn
Bed couch and table area
Blue Tang Belize
Good size closet and 2 seat table with really comfortable chairs

Visit the Blue Tang Inn website to see more room options, pictures, and rates. To read what other travelers have to say about the Inn click through to Blue Tang Inn TripAdvisor page.

San Pedro Belize Hotel
The bathroom had my friends art on the wall

I got pretty excited by the kitchen considering I am a girl who does not like to cook. I already knew after I checked my bags I was going to wait for a break in the rain and go grab a rotisserie chicken for easy snacking. A quick stop at Big Tree for wasabi peanuts totally spiraled my shopping plans when I saw everything bagels in their fridge. They instantly made me crave breakfast sandwiches so I hit Greenhouse to get eggs, bacon, and cheese too.

Onto Back Street and Tortilleria Feliz located next to Waruguma. This is a great option for both locals and travelers, you can buy a half or whole rotisserie chicken there for $10 or $20 BZD – super easy and tasty meal option. Get there early though as by noon they are usually sold out. I was happy to learn that they have a ready-made $5 salad as well that came with ranch dressing. While waiting for my chicken to get done I popped over to Super Buy to pick up a toffee crisp chocolate. Last stop, Caye Mart for some iced tea and kettle corn and my rainy day snack-able shopping was complete. Time to get back to Blue Tang to eat, rainy day nap and watch TV in the cozy king size bed 🙂

Blue Tang Inn
Full kitchen facilities with all the basics needed to cook
Blue Tang Belize
Kitchen closeup

3rd Floor

My room was on the 3rd floor with a good view of the pool and the sea. Outside there were a couple of different seating options. One with tables (perfect for morning coffee) and the other a hammock and chairs.

In addition to seating and hammock, there was also a water cooler outside so people could fill their in-room pitcher or a “to go bottle” anytime. I love hotels that provide clean drinking water 🙂

Rooftop Deck

While most rooms have a sea view, the 3rd-floor rooftop deck offers an even better aerial panorama of the neighborhood. It is complete with sun loungers, a few tables with bar stools and a sink. This is a perfect place for seeing the sunrise, sunbathing and watching the sunset. It was a bit wet during my stay but I am sure when the weather is right it would be a good spot to get to know your neighbors and make friends with some of the other hotel guests over cocktails.

View From the Rooftop

Below are a few more pictures I shot from the rooftop deck. Had it not been so wet, I would have spent more time up there. I did enjoy a minute of dock watching and caught the “Big Blue Hole” Ecologic Divers boat taking divers out for some underwater adventure as I was pulling out my camera phone.

Pool and Breakfast Bar Area

I did bring one of my swim-ways pool floats just in case it cleared up a bit but the weather just did not cooperate – I will have to take a do-over on a nicer day. For that reason, I opted to make myself breakfast in bed instead of going downstairs to eat.

I will leave you with 2 last pictures I took: the office while dropping off room keys and the pathway to the beach as I headed south. \

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