Ecologic Divers, plays Minute to Win it at Roadkill Bar Belize

The Competition was Stiff and the Video Footage Funny

Minute to Win It for Charity at Roadkill Bar is growing popular fast. A big crowd came out to support Monday night’s charity the Belize Red Cross San Pedro Branch.

How it Works

Over the course of the night, contestants compete in seemingly simple challenges, based on the hit TV show. Using everyday items to complete the challenges in hopes of skipping elimination and moving on to the next round. Participants that did not complete a challenge were able to donate more money to charity and buy back into the next one for $2.

With every $10 entry contestants get a free Travelers rum drink. Because I’m still happily on the wagon they let me have a water instead. I can honestly say that having only water did not sharpen my ability to complete the challenges any better and I was one of the people that had to buy back in after the first round. 🙂

This Week’s Games

Puddle Jumper, Face the Cookie, Mochaccino (sponsored by Caye Coffee), Stick the Landing, Rapid Fire (sponsored by Island Time Brewing Company), Dizzy Mummy, Back Flip, How’s it Hanging and the last game to determine the winner, Nutstacker.

First Elimination Challenge

Puddle Jumper was not so easy, but many managed to do at least part of it. We had to blow 3 ping-pong balls from one cup of water to another with increasing distance between each one.

Face the Cookie, Mochaccino and Stick the Landing were up next.

This time around the cookie challenge was extremely funny as Ryan’s pop up win in the first round got contestants to try all kinds of crazy moves. Wade was also very amusing with his “cookie convulsions” to get it unstuck from his forehead which you will see in the video below. Was it luck or was it Skill? Kendall got to stick the landing right off the bat, so I say a bit of both since I am guessing this was his first time doing that challenge. Other contestants would agree it is not so easy to throw a mostly full 1-liter water bottle and have it land upright. The last pictures show Amy’s excitement after completing the Mochaccino challenge. There are some funny bits of that in the video too.

Moving onto: Rapid Fire, Dizzy Mummy, Back Flip and How’s it Hanging.

I did not even bother to buy in for Rapid Fire because I could not shoot a well-aimed rubber band to save my life last week 🙂 A few people did pretty well at this one and host Jason who joined in for fun even knocked all the cans off the stool. Kendall took the prize for this one – a 6 pack from Island Time Brewing Company. Dizzy Mummy was a new one to me and I liked it so much I added 2 clips to the video. Loved watching everyone race to mummify themselves in toilet paper without breaking it from the roll. I did not get pics of Back Flip, challenge where they had to rest an increasing number of pencils on the back of their hand and do a flip and catch. Got some good video of that though. How’s it Hanging was the entry challenge last week and this time it was one of the last games. Still funny as ever watching contestants try to knock oranges into a hula-hoop with a Banana tied around their waist, hanging between their legs.

Chef Jeff from Casa Picasso and Amy from Texas were the final contestants in competition for some great prizes. The grand prize Caye Coffee flavored rum cake made by Wade the Gringo, a bottle of Travellers and $50 in Roadkill bucks. Runner-up wins $50 at Sandbar Hostel.

I do not know how they manage to keep their hands so steady while stacking metal nuts on the side off of a chopstick but they did it. Amy won the grand prize and headed back to Coco Beach with a smile on her face. Chef Jeff runner-up will get to enjoy a famous Sandbar pizza and a cocktail or whatever he chooses from their menu.

Sponsored Game Prizes

Kaitlin McWhorter, for Project Abroad, did the fastest Mochaccino time and got the Caye Coffee. Kendall Beymer, Ecologic Divers shot elastics and knocked over all the cans, but had one on his stool. He got a 6 pack from Island Time Brewing Company.

Total Raised

Thanks to Roadkill Bar for donating to Belize Red Cross San Pedro Branch; $185. The amount of fun had that night; priceless.

Thanks to Roadkill Bar for hosting the event for a different charity every week and to all the great prize sponsors this week. Travellers Rum, Caye Coffee Roasting Co. Ltd, Island Time Brewing Company, Sandbar San Pedro, and Wade the Gringo.

Video Footage and Next Week’s Details

Watch the video below to see how much fun you can have Monday nights at 7:00 pm and don’t forget to bring your friends. It is always for a great cause.

In honor of American Thanksgiving, Roadkill Bar is doing Minute to Win it for the San Pedro Food Bank on Monday, November 23rd. Game host Jason is encouraging everyone to bring canned food or other nonperishable items to donate.

Games will not be announced ahead of time, but if you want to win next week, practice Minute to Win it at home. Just go to That Blue Print Guy on YouTube and use this weeks list of games and the ones from last week Minute to Win it for Charity as a starting point.

If you are looking for things to do in San Pedro, Roadkill Bar is a great choice anytime. If you do not believe me check out their burger reviews – Wade has the golden formula right 😉 and the fries are always crispy.

I will leave you with a few pictures of my burger and the bar.

Belize nightlife
Good turn out in support of San Pedro Belize Red Cross
Belize nightlife
Of course, I had to eat one of Wade’s famous burgers
Belize nightlife
The bar was busy all night long

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