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Magazine Mujer Total Comes to San Pedro

Magazine Mujer Total from Chetumal, Mexico organizes an annual fashion show and they invite different designers from around the country to participate.

This year they decided to bring the fashion show from Mexico to Belize. It will be happening this coming Friday, November 20 at Caribbean Villas Hotel, 7:00 PM. Part of the proceeds will be donated to Camp Star Fish dedicated to our special needs children on the island.

The 3 Mexican designers showing their lines in the show are Martin Lopez, Guillermo Perez Alayon & Maria del Pilar. Participating models are from San Pedro & Belize City, and are very excited for the opportunity to be a part of this international show. Models recently completed a model training course given by Zuzana Marosova, and coordinated by Barbara Brown.

What two of the models had to say

I asked Paige and Tori if they would be willing to say a few words about their experience in taking the modeling class and what they got out of it. I wanted to see what kind of impact taking a class like this would have on them. Both of them are 15 years old:

When I first started modeling, I was not nearly as comfortable on stage as I am now. I always used to think “What happens if I fall?” or “what if I stumble?”

The modeling course I just graduated from helped me get over all of that. Although I still get nervous when I’m about to walk down the runway, I feel so much more confident.

My modeling coach, Zuzana Marosova, has not only taught me how to perfect my catwalk, but has also taught me a variety of different poses, facial expressions, posture, and attitude. 

A few of the reasons I love to model is because it makes me feel good about myself. It makes me feel beyond confident, and it’s an amazing experience. I have not only made myself proud by modeling, but I have also made my friends and family proud. I encourage anyone who wants to start modeling to start as soon as possible. It’s a self-esteem booster, and there’s no greater feeling in this world than doing something that makes you happy and confident at the same time.

Paige Marie

The modeling class put on by Zuzana Maros and Barbara Brown was an incredible insight into the world of modeling. I’ll be honest, I didn’t realize there was so much going on. Shoulders back, chin up, you know, the obvious. But we got to learn the whole walk which is way more complicated than I ever thought.

We learned the different kinds of walks, which I also didn’t know about, such as the bikini and long dress. I thought there was just one kind of walk. Who knew? We also learned about walking with other models and how to keep in time with them as well as have fun while doing it.

There were always laughs going on and the atmosphere was happy. Its definitely an experience I will never forget and I am so thankful that I was able to take part in it.

Tori Fearneyhough

Model Graduation Day

Last Sunday was model graduation day, so I decided to go to Caribbean Villas as I knew a few of my friends with daughters would be watching them graduate. In addition to the ceremony, I got a nice surprise, Barbara (from The Candle Garden) told me there was going to be a fashion show first. She asked if I would snap a few pictures and help promote the big show tomorrow.

After the certificates were handed out, I took the opportunity to speak to Zuzana. I learned that she has plans to expand her student range and is going to also give plus size women and men and little ones a chance to model as well. She said using modeling as a way to gain confidence and feel good about yourself is a great thing for anyone no matter what age, size or height and I totally agree.

Credits for the graduation show: Clothing was from Island Gear store San Pedro, accessories were from Chetumal designer Romon Galindo. Owner of Magazine Mujer Total Rocio Santos was also in attendance.

Graduation and Show Pictures

Girls first. They were all beautiful and confident as the walked the runway which happened to be the pool deck 🙂

Though outnumbered there were a few guys in the show. They did just as good a job at strutting their stuff as the girls did.

Tandem modeling, was also part of the class and Zuzana taught them how to interact and walk with another model beside them.

All the models were very proud to receive their certificates. I could tell by the way many of them hugged Zuzana while getting their diploma, that they had developed a strong bond and really like their teacher.


Aside from the fashion show, it was also a special day at Caribbean Villas, as Christine Syme, aka Miss Earth Belize was doing her last day of fundraising before going to represent Belize in Vienna. Christine had some really great prizes to raffle. The picture below was Tesla claiming her prize from Miss Earth and Tinker decided she wanted to photo bomb.

Caribbean Villas Hotel
Miss Earth Belize

I will leave you with a very funny video – Tinker the Belizean jumping bean. Tinker loves to dance any chance she gets. Her Grandma Cherie asked me to send her this one after she saw me shooting video footage so she could share it with her friends back home.

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