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One thing about living in Belize and particularly on Ambergris Caye is that you go through periods of heavy social traffic. By that I mean because San Pedro is a tourist destination, and we get frequent friends and family visits, we are often called on to go out more. This past weekend was a good example of that, with Colin, Laura, Scotty, Shannon and Jerri all in town at the same time.

My 3 day marathon included: Crazy Canucks Beach Bar Red Cross Trivia night, Fido’s, Amber Beach Bar, Estel’s, ABC, Wayo’s, Amber Beach Bar, Island Time, Amber Beach Bar, Tropic Air, Walk/ Run for Autism Awareness, Sunday Jam at Crazy Canucks and Lola’s Pub. That list does not include bbq delivery or all the places I went shopping on my way to ABC. Amber made it on a few times because the girls and Scotty were staying at Caribbean Villas Hotel. Colin and Laura were next door at Coral Bay Villas beside Chunky and Ruthie.

I’m always thankful when friends help support San Pedro Red Cross and this past Friday’s trivia night, many people came out to help raise $$. $145 came from team buy ins and auctioneer Rob did a super job of selling two boxes of thin mints at $100 and $150 a piece giving SPBRC a grand total of $395 🙂

I am also thankful when other other charitable organizations invite the San Pedro Branch to participate in their events. This time it was Ambergris Caye Elementary School (ACES) that invited Belize Red Cross- San Pedro to have a first aid booth at their walk/run for autism awareness. Congratulations to the organizers and everyone who entered and helped raise money for a great cause.

The race all happened so fast. Shannon, Jerri and I caught the start of it with Coconut Leo whizzing by us south of town as we were heading to Tropic Air to check in for their 11:00 am flight. By the time I saw them off and walked to the park all the walkers and runners were done.

For the guys, Eric Donis ran the race in 17 minutes and took first place followed by Kent Bob Gabourel in second place and Jonathan Andino placed third. Well done, especially in that heat. The top three girls were, Amy Requena on first, Luisana Guerrero for second and Jennifer Maher. It does not surprise me that a couple of well known “boys” finished the race with a little help from their friends (Belikin and hitching rides) 🙂

Thanks to the following raffle prizes and cash donators $2,180.00 was raised:

Belize Tourism Board, San Pedro Town Council, anonymous cash,  Ecologic Divers, Belize Pro Divers, Scuba School of Belize, $100 at Belize Chocolate Company, Picasso Spirits and a 1h Swedish massage from Helen Haylock, Sandbar, F&S Golf Cart, A&R, Captain Sharks, Estel’s, Elvie’s Kitchen, Blue Water Grill, Rojo  Beach Bar, Annie’s, Captain Sharks, The Palms, Di’ Vu (Wet Willys) Belize Bank, Gaby’s Construction, Bombay Global Holding, Lola’s Pub, Island Divers Supplies, Blue Water Grill, WOD Zone, Crossfit San Pedro.

I would like to personally thank Rick’s Rentals and Ultimate Carts for donating 24h cart rentals …. because I won both 🙂

Shirlee’s Pictures

Since she was in for the duration at the SPBRC first aid station, Shirlee snapped some pictures before I arrived and before the start of the race at the park.

Pictures of my 3 day marathon around San Pedro town

I had a great time. Chunky and Ruthie sorry we missed you and the crew by minutes at Island Time.

Dennis, Sherry and Tull live music schedule

  • Monday Fido’s 7:00-10:00pm
  • Tuesday off
  • Wednesday Sherry-oke 7:30-Midnight
  • Thursday ABC 4-7pm. open jam.
  • Friday Sandbar beach grill 4-7pm then open jam.
  • Saturday ABC with Sherry and Tull 3-whenever.
  • Sunday day noon-3:00 pm.

I will leave you with a couple of taco pics for all the people who are always saying that I am not in my blog enough 🙂

living in belize
At Caribbean Villas Hotel and heading to Estel’s to meet Colin, Laura, Scotty and Jane
things to do in belize
Enjoying morning blended iced coffee with banana and chocolate at Amber Beach Bar

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