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Weather In Belize

“Polar vortex” hits San Pedro Belize

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I have not checked the temperature but sitting here with cold hands n feet and I am wearing socks. It feels crazy cold today, there is a strong wind that has been howling off and on all morning. In addition to a hoodie and long pants, I have a bandana on and airline blanket while working at my desk. I ... Read More »

Strong support from Ambergris Caye businesses

crazy canucks beach bar

The San Pedro Branch of the Belize Red Cross is very fortunate to have strong local business support in their efforts to make a difference on Ambergris Caye. . Crazy Canucks Beach Bar has been doing a wonderful Job with ongoing fundraising for the San Pedro Red Cross by designating the last Friday of their weekly trivia as Red Cross ... Read More »

Unpredictable Belize Weather

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Our Unpredictable Belize weather has been on the rainy side. It’s going from wet to dry, cold to warm and back again throughout the day. This has more than a few vacation planners asking “What is with all the rain?” I even had someone write me recently questioning if they should delay their trip due to the heavy rain forecast. ... Read More »

It’s Snowing in San Pedro

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It’s not really snowing but it sure feels like it could be, for how chilly it was this morning. Since my Montana Weatherman Brent, always calls me out by sending snow pictures from the Helena Capitol building when I complain about the cold, I gave it my best shot to get a good ‘snowing in San Pedro picture’ for you. ... Read More »

How Wet is San Pedro Town?

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Mayor Daniel put things in perspective the other morning when he Facebooked something along the lines that we should not be complaining about all the rain we are getting and how wet it is here. Our brothers and sisters affected by the massive typhoon in the Philippines are the ones who are really suffering. While Belize weather may be bringing ... Read More »

A Taste of Rainy Season in San Pedro Belize

belize rainy season

The current weather brings a taste of the rainy season in San Pedro Belize. Thankfully the rain has stopped for now but it is rained so heavy between last night and this morning that many of the back roads have turned into waterways. In the east side of our yard we have a big lake where the water level rose ... Read More »