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Weather In Belize

Dynamic duo teams up in San Pedro

dulce wolfe deny's truckstop

Many San Pedro folks have been have been missing her culinary talent myself included. I was jumping for joy when I got the message Wednesday that Dulce was back in action and teamed up with Chap to do home cooked lunches on Thursdays. How could I resist homemade chicken dumplings cooked by the dynamic duo and delivered right to my ... Read More »

Wacky Weather Worldwide and a Weekend Massage

belize real estate

Wacky weather is a worldwide phenomenon right now, between the news and people I know in various places I have been learning a lot about weird September weather. For us here in Belize it has been par for the course with alternating heavy rains and sunny periods, for others, it means a wide range of things from Airconditioners to UGGS. ... Read More »

Watching World Cup Final in Belize

boca del rio belize

Worldwide TV’s were tuned in to see the final world cup match and San Pedro Belize was no exception, there was no shortage of bars to watch the game from. I was considering going to Caribbean Villas with Paul for the game till our downstairs neighbors mentioned they were having a small party and I decided that was a better ... Read More »

San Pedro Lobster Festival in Full Swing

belize restaurants

While some people are sadly experiencing June snow as you can see from the picture below, those in Belize are hot hot hot and enjoying San Pedro Lobster Festival in full swing. If you are wondering just how hot is it? San Pedro is a balmy 29C today but it feels like it could be 37c or higher and definitely ... Read More »

What I wear to work in Belize

Life is different in the tropics right down to what people wear to work in Belize. While some have uniforms, many of us are lucky enough to get away with dressing casual. Even though you may be on an island, it’s still important to not be too casual depending on what you do. Remember not only are you representing the ... Read More »

San Pedro is Belmopan Bound

tropic air flight to belmopan

Wunderground was right on the money this morning weather wise, they predicted  80% chance of lightening and  rain today which exactly what we woke up to at 4:00am. Thankfully Paul reminded me fast to get the cart unplugged as I had been charging it overnight to leave my friend Dick with a fully charged cart for the weekend. Hopefully it ... Read More »

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