Weather in Belize

Wet and Windy Weather is Finally Calming Down

85% of the time those of us that live here tell inquiring travelers that it is not likely to be all day rains when they are concerned about the current weather in Belize on their trips, no matter what the forecast shows.

There are those times however where a tropical wave (Invest 92L ) comes along and we either need to be prepared to hunker down or be well waterproofed for extended rain. Since last week we have been experiencing very strong winds from the southeast and major rainfall. The wind is supposed to die down but the rain is expected to carry on for a few more days. While this weather system has been soaking Belize, Yucatan Peninsula, Honduras. Northern Guatemala is also breaking out their rain gear as well.

On the Plus Side of Bad Weather in Belize

People with cisterns on the island as their main source of water are very happy right now as they have more water than they can handle. Those houses will be well set for a while because of this heavy rain.

Rainy Weather Fallout

Aside from Direct TV signal going in and out, unexpected leaks are also a factor during these times. I heard a report of someone that just moved to a new house was on heavy duty mop up. She finally decided that as long as her bed was not getting wet that it was a losing battle till the rain stopped.

In my case I was glad I had the foresight to close the right windows and kicking myself for not packing my raincoat – thankfully I had a waterproof bag for my computer. Due to the downpour, I got waylayed in town for 24 hours and when I got home I was pleased to find a relatively dry apartment. The only area I suffered a leak was the air conditioning unit in my bedroom.

I am hoping it will blow over faster, as much as I have been enjoying the rainy day weather, I do not want to get soaked going to the Belize Tourism Board Digital Marketing Summit tomorrow morning. Or worse yet have it canceled there is already a good chance it may get postponed as Belize City is also under water right now.

More Storm Information

For more detailed weather info about our current rains click through to Belize Weather Forecast: October 17, 2015 on the Ambergris Caye message board. Marty has lots of storm details posted from the weather networks and a few pictures from him and message boarders of different areas of Belize.

I will leave you with a few pictures I took on my Nexus 5 cell phone during periods when the rain had lightened up enough for me to be willing to use it.

Weather in Belize
Seawall area by the Phoenix Resort and Ecologic Divers
San Pedro Belize Weather
It was a wet one but that did not stop breakfast at Estel’s for many of us
Weather in Belize
San Juan area house surrounded by water
San Pedro Belize Weather
Lagoon overtaking the road in San Juan
San Pedro Belize Weather
Supersize puddles
Weather in Belize
Bikes are still well used transportation in spite of the weather
San Pedro Belize Weather
Notice how deep in the water his tires are
San Pedro Belize Weather
South of town also has many yards underwater
Weather in Belize
Close up look at the water level in relation to the gold cart tires

6 thoughts on “Wet and Windy Weather is Finally Calming Down

  1. tacogirl says:

    Thanks Emily, 11″ that is high. It is finally clearing some and much less rain today than the past few. I know some areas of Belize City had to evacuate their homes due to high water levels.

  2. Emily Smith says:

    Incredible rain photos, Laurie. I’ve been there once when it rained that much, but all in one day. Something like 11″?? We were staying at the Phoenix for our anniversary in May 2010, and the area outside against the seawall looked just like your photo. And you couldn’t see where the pool ended and the foliage began. Hope the rain stops soon and the sun comes out!

  3. Paula Segrest says:

    Thank you so much for the coverage, Laurie! Pics are great. Keep rockin Estel’s rain or shine. Miss y’all.

  4. Paul Morgan says:

    Thank you for my connection to Belize. I’ll be down in Dec. for a month hope to see you then.

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