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Tropical Storm Earl likely outcome of Invest 97-L
Feature image courtesy of National Hurricane Center. They predict 90 percent chance of becoming a depression or storm

Tropical Storm Earl likely outcome of Invest 97-L

Current Eastern Caribbean system is looking strongly like it will soon become Tropical Storm Earl (5th named in Atlantic region for 2016.) There is a chance it could become a hurricane before moving towards Belize Mexico area late Wednesday. An updated image will be taken taken this afternoon by Drone. To see more about the oncoming weather and get storm click through on 411 on Tropical Storm Earl.

Are You Prepared?

If you are living in an area about to be affected by Tropical Storm Earl how well prepared are you? At the very least heavy rain and strong winds are expected. If it does turn into category force hurricane it is important to be prepared. Aside from having enough water and food for 3 days minimum, make sure your first aid kits is up to date and has all the required emergency contents. Do you have a pet? If so please feel free to email me for a copy of the hurricane pet plan – tacogirlbelize@gmail.com

Be Safe Inside

Breathable air and fire safety should be considered. It may be common sense, but at the same time some people may not know that running a generator inside puts you at risk for risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Same goes for charcoal grills and camp stoves.

If you are using candles use extreme caution not only for fires but some candles can have toxic emissions. When burning candles, whatever is in the wax goes into into the air that you breathe. Ordinarily it is not noticeable however when air exchange is limited, it could present more of a risk.

Use of battery powered, hand crank or rechargeable flash lights are the safest option. Make sure to have spare batteries on hand and ideally for the environment a rechargeable set is better.

Be Safe Outside Pre-storm

Make sure your yard and the yards of the people around you are free and clear of debris that could turn into dangerous projectiles with strong winds.

Be Safe Outside After Storm

Make sure to be aware and watch for safety hazards.Get help if you’re not sure how to handle harmful materials. Steer clear of downed power lines that can cause an electrical shock risk. Avoid any dangerous materials and walk cautiously if you are in standing water.

Floodwater can carry germs. If you are dealing with water as an aftermath to a tropical depression or hurricane, be sure to wash your hands and feet well. Use alcohol wipes or hand sanitizer if you do not have soap.

Useful Items

Belize Red Cross Multi Hazard App on iOS  Android. This app gives users important information about disasters and hazards localized to Belize and can be invaluable during the course of a weather emergency. There are specific hurricane and related sections.

Belize Red Cross First Aid App on  iOS & Android. This app provides step-by-step instructions on how to handle common every day first aid emergencies.

Spray bottle for showers and containers with flush-able water.

Some people may consider this next one a bit crazy but I say better safe than sorry if you have one on hand. Keep a life jacket or floating device handy, especially if you are in an area where there may be a strong storm surge and potentially high water.

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  1. prepare to be safeif you have good neighbours…..assist them.

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