Hurricane Earl Belize

A Few Days of Hurricane Earl Aftermath and 3 Donation Options

The country of Belize is still recovering from Hurricane Earl and will be for a while in spite of our ever present resilience and bounce back abilities.

The category 1 storm with maximum winds at approximately 80 mph left thousands facing massive clean-up and caused millions of dollars in damages countrywide. Earl made landfall just south of Belize City, not long after being upgraded from a tropical storm to a category one hurricane. The effects were being felt on the islands and coastal areas of Belize from late evening Wednesday, August 3 with the hard hit being very early Thursday, August 4th.

Homes in San Mateo suffered a great deal of damage. About six were completely leveled and a few more had severe damage. San Pedro Red Cross is currently working with the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) to assist the affected persons here on the island. However because of the magnitude of damages inland, Belize Red Cross is focusing on the mainland more and has stepped back to allow NEMO to take the lead on the island. They are however sending staff from Headquarters to talk to the affected families, and provide disaster coping strategies.

Out on the beachfront, many business owners weren’t so lucky. Based on what I saw first hand it seems like at least 85% or more of the docks were torn up or completely gone.

Countless peoples hearts are sad worldwide for two popular local downtown businesses, Palapa Bar & Grill and Ecologic Divers. Their buildings and docks did not make it through the storm.

It will cost thousands to repair, and unknown losses in revenue during the down time for businesses that were badly affected by the Hurricane

Many people have contacted me about their upcoming travel plans wondering if they should postpone or not. If you are planning a trip it is totally your call. However, the community could use your support to help us get back to normal as best we can.

It is truly amazing the amount of power that Mother Nature can generate. Many of us agreed just how small and insignificant we are by comparison. I am just thankful that so far no severe injuries or loss of life have been reported.

Recovery Help

If you are in the country and want to help there is an official Belize Red Cross (BRC) Disaster Relief account in place.

You can make your donation to the BRC disaster account at Scotia Bank Belize account in name of Belize Red Cross Disaster Account – 9141645 Please make note what area of the country you are looking for your Hurricane Earl donation to go to.

Helping Hurricane Earl Victims through Lions Club, Check Donations can be made payable to:
San Pedro Lions Club Atlantic Bank Account #211 3829 02 (Can be used for wire transfers from abroad) Lions telephone number 011-501-226-2477

For those outside Belize who want to help here is a countrywide option – Hurricane Earl Belize Victim Relief. This was created by the Consulate of Belize in Florida on behalf of the Embassy of Belize in Washington, DC and all of the Missions and Consulates of Belize Abroad.

In order to help with hurricane relief, Tropic Air is offering 50% off flights on all domestic travel through August 14th, 2016. All local flights are included except for those from or to the Belize International Airport (BZE). The discount can be applied to travel booked online at Tropic Air using promotional code: D50AUG
Here are pictures from the day after the storm and today (2 days later) Our community is resilient and moving forward as best we can with the resources we have.
Hurricane Earl hits Belize
Crooked Dock
Hurricane Earl Belize
So sad Ecologic Divers got leveled in the storm
Beach after the hurricane
Massive amounts of debris
San Pedro Belize
So much clean up needed
Devastation from Hurricane Earl
Hardly any piers survived
Devastation after Hurricane Earl
Beach in front of Luna Loca
Ramon's Village Belize
Ramon’s Pier gone
San Pedro Belize after Hurricane Earl
Heading back north through town
hurricane earl aftermath
Albertina was up and running fast to feed the people
Palapa Bar Belize after Hurricane Earl
Another heart breaker Palapa Bar and Grill was leveled
Palapa Bar Belize after Hurricane Earl
Sad tall pile of Palapa Bar
 Palapa Bar and Grill was leveled afterHurricane Earl
So much debris every where you look
Hurricane Earl Belize
Notice how high the piles are
Afrermath on the beach from Hurricane Earl
Lots of trees down island wide
Lots of beach clean up needed due to Hurricane
High School area in Boca Del Rio
Boca Del Rio after Hurricane Earl
Some flooding occurred
Belize Electricity LImited
BEL doing their best to get everyone power

These pictures are from August 6, 2016. You will see San Pedro is back to blue skies and gorgeous weather. People are doing their best to work together so we can all return to a normal quality of life as fast as we can.

San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi
SPBE Water taxi making it work
San Pedro Belize after Hurricane Hearl
Beach covered in debris in many areas
Mayan Princess Hotel San Pedro Belize
Girls at Mayan Princess raking the beach and cleaning trash
San Pedro Beize
Piles are moving off the beach and towards collection areas
Downtown San Pedro Belize
Plant wall at The Phoenix got very exposed
Hurricane Earl aftermath
Trench in the sand beside the the seawall
San Pedro Belize
Other parts of the island look mostly normal and business is as usual

6 thoughts on “A Few Days of Hurricane Earl Aftermath and 3 Donation Options

  1. tacogirl says:

    Anytime Aileen. Thanks for sharing. Depends which school, areas like San Mateo and San Pedrito will fare a lot worse than town and south area schools and neighborhoods where the kids live.

  2. MARY says:

    Thanks so much for all of the information and pix. So sad to see the devastation and know that our new found friends are suffering….wishing all the best to them and the beautiful island.

  3. Allene Hutcheson says:

    Thanks Lori………. I’ve shared on my page asking anyone that can to help.
    What is the outcome for the kids for school? I know that may sound a bit funny to some, but I remember the board planks and kids having to walk across them to get into school at times. Also books etc.?

    So wishing there was so much more i could do to help…….

  4. Lily says:

    Thanks for the great info on donation options! I had been looking for that. Shared on my page.
    Wish I could be there to help, but looking forward to being back in Belize next month.

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