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I’m On My Way, What Should I Expect?

Over the course of my 10 years of on Ambergris Caye, this is the worst storm damage I have witnessed. Local John Nunez once told me stories from Hurricane Keith and how Middle street was suddenly open to Jet Skis.

In the face of adversity, you can really see how people come together to help one another.

Another story from years past that comes to mind was shared with me by the late Tim Callanan. He was faced with manning his San Pablo area house alone and after a hurricane and he had very little resources. Tim told me how two community-minded people, Melody and her mom Dulce made sure he got a daily meal delivery. He was forever grateful and I could feel the heartfelt emotion towards the mother-daughter duo in his words as he told me the story.

This time around I have seen so many people stepping up to help one another and heard a few good stories, including a staff member free diving for the bar stock at the completely leveled Palapa Bar.

United we stand, ready to rebuild and bounce back from mother nature’s stormy weather.

So You Are On Your Way

Current weather in Belize Hot and Sunny with a high of 30°C or 86°F – It definitely feels a few degrees warmer.

Many of you are on the fence about your vacation plans. So far of the 10 or so people that have asked me all of them have decided to come.

While it is true not everything may be open and there are many fewer docks to walk on, we are largely moving forward at a great pace. By coming down and supporting the local economy you will be helping the community through a trying time.

You will have a great time and see just how resilient and strong our community is in the face of Mother Nature and forces beyond our control.

Click through for a good read by Robert Hawkins – Lessons from Earl: No. 1, Not all disasters are alike.

How to Help

In case you missed it the first time, here is how to make a contribution.

If you would like to help click through to see two ways if you are in Belize or out: – A Few Days of Hurricane Earl Aftermath and 3 Donation Options.

If you or someone you know on Ambergris Caye needs help after the storm, look for San Pedro Red Cross crew around town in their red vests conducting needs assessments. You can also go directly to the ground floor back of the Town Council building to the conference room.

Check Donations can be made payable to San Pedro Lions Club Atlantic Bank Account #211 3829 02 (Can be used for wire transfers from abroad) Lions telephone number 011-501-226-2477

Belize City and Placencia

Amandala News aptly titled their article Earl the destroyer, click through to see how badly Belize City was hit by Hurricane Earl. They need a lot of support and help right now.

Another interesting read with pic – Hurricane Earl….from a Placencia perspective… by Pure Placencia Belize Blog.

Perfect Picture Weather

Since the storm, the skies have been bright blue interspersed with big white fluffy clouds. The first set of pictures are some that I took from my rooftop yesterday. The second set below are even better for aerial pictures as they cover the whole island.

San Pedro Belize
Looking south-west from my roof
Downtown San Pedro Belize
Water taxi dock for boats to Mexico
San Pedro Town Belize
Rides set up on Saca Chispas football field
Downtown San Pedro
Looking down Black Coral St.
HOt and Sunny weather in Belize
Looking South East
Downtown San Pedro Ambergris Caye Belize
Southern view

These next amazing series of Ambergris Caye and two Caye Caulker aerial pictures came courtesy of Astrum Helicopters.

Weather in Belize
Landing strip at San Pedro Airport courtesy of Astrum Helicopters
Astrum Helicopters Hurricane Earl
San Pedro Aerial courtesy of Astrum Helicopters
Hurricane Earl San Pedro Belize
South of town courtesy of Astrum Helicopters
Ambergris Caye Aerial by Astrum Helicopters Hurricane Earl
Ambergris Caye Aerial courtesy of Astrum Helicopters
Astrum Helicopters aerial after Hurricane Earl
Airstrip to Phoenix courtesy of Astrum Helicopters
Hurricane Earl San Pedro Belize
Sunbreeze Suites to Sandbar Hostel area courtesy of Astrum Helicopters
Grand Caribe Belize aerial after Hurricane Earl
Grand Caribe Resort Aerial courtesy of Astrum Helicopters

Caye Caulker

These next two pictures are also courtesy of Astrum Helicopters and show the famous Split area

Weather in Belize after Hurricane Earl
The split on Caye Caulker after Hurricane Earl courtesy of Astrum Helicopters
Hurricane Earl Caye Caulker Belize
Aerial view of the split courtesy of Astrum Helicopters

6 thoughts on “I’m On My Way, What Should I Expect?

  1. tacogirl says:

    Correct Jeannie US currency must be in good shape. Asong as you do it try to cash big bills at smaller places you should be fine. Before long you will build a stock of Belize money.

  2. Jeannie M. says:

    In our foreign travels we’ve discovered some countries that will refuse to take USD’s that are wrinkled or are not in pristine shape. What is Ambergris Caye’s take on this? Are there USD denominations thare easier for the Belizean entrepreneur to accept and make change for?

  3. tacogirl says:

    Thanks Emily. So far so good not heard of anyone canceling their trip as of yet. A Guest post by Meandering Fool on Caye Caulker after the storm going on shortly.

  4. Emily says:

    Great blog post, Laurie, and amazing photos. Glad that Ambergris Caye seems to have weathered the worst of Earl. Hope the visitors keep on coming!

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