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Tropical Storm Earl Likely Outcome of Invest 97-L

The current Eastern Caribbean system is looking strongly like it will soon become Tropical Storm Earl (5th named in Atlantic region for 2016.) There is a chance it could become a hurricane before moving towards Belize Mexico area late Wednesday. An updated image will be taken this afternoon by Drone. To see more about the […]

Pet Friendly Hotels Belize

Pet Friendly Hotels in Belize

This valuable Belize Tourism Board information got finished being processed just in time. As Tropical Storm Earl is fast approaching, it was on the top of my list to make sure that the list of Pet-Friendly Hotels in Belize information went live. I know pet lovers hold their animals in high regard and are definitely […]

Tropical Storm Richard

Tropical Storm Richard Preparation

Belize weather is active again.  Today finds me preparing for Tropical Storm Richard. 9:40 am even though I slept in till 8:00am this morning I feel like it is a busy day. My friend Lara came by for an early visit and now we are back to storm preparations. Changing weather in Belize keeps you […]

San Pedro Belize beach pictures


I opened the veranda door this morning so Molly could go outside – she poked her head out saw how wet it was and decided to pass. Thanks to Tropical Storm Matthew¬† it’s a wet Sunday in San Pedro. Time is 6:37am- the sky is a big blue gray blanket and and it has been […]

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Tropical Storm Arthur was a Dark and Very Windy Night

Restless night from Tropical storm Arthur Been up off and on all night listening to wicked lightening and thunder from the storm. After checking outside, I realized either I must have selective hearing or was sleeping at the point when all patio furniture and toys ended up in a heap at the end of our […]