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Tropical Storm Arthur was a Dark and Very Windy Night

Restless night from Tropical storm Arthur

Been up off and on all night listening to wicked lightening and thunder from the storm. After checking outside, I realized either I must have selective hearing or was sleeping at the point when all patio furniture and toys ended up in a heap at the end of our balcony.

Could not sleep any longer this morning – got up around 6:30 and figured I would get a blog in before internet inevitably went out on us. Pretty much as soon as I decided that checked that we were online and got my pc booted we lost it. Thankfully we still have power and Paul just gave me Tetris to put on my pc.

Neighbors shop sign was lying in the road. I will venture out soon and I am sure that San Pedro is more than a bit wind blown right now. I can’t even imagine the folks in San Mateo who are not only wind blown, definitely water logged and likely cold to boot. I woke up cold during the storm and had to get up and get extra covers.  The weather in Belize can change rapidly during a tropical storm – hot one minute, temperature dropping the next.

Still no internet and water and my short to do list is  getting longer

  • Get passports and important papers in one place in waterproof container or bag
  • Make sure first aid kit is handy and check what needs to be added or replaced
  • Get hurricane food stash in one place and keep adding to stash
  • Start Laundry as soon as rain breaks a bit longer and wind dies down
  • Stock up on phone credit and water
  • Start packing grab and go bag
  • Put things up high.

Walk about San Pedro town to survey the storm damage

10:55 am – We went through town heading north Switched to beach at Estel’s water is high and lots of sand washed away. Boat cushions scattered the beach and there were deep trenches in the sand. Looked like a potential gas leak by Cholos.

As we passed Phoenix area there was a lot of water to the land side of their sea wall. When we got to Dick and Carole’s to see if we could help him bail the boat, we saw he had just finished. He made us a coffee and I decided to ring Cullen over coffee and found lots of boats submerged and beach washed away. He guessed winds at 45 – 50 mph.

As we walked home through town, Island Perk was opening up and had just got water. We agreed with Cindy C this was more rain than we had for Dean. Paul and I decided to head over to the lagoon as middle street looked relatively ok. The lagoon area was very we as was the old football field.

2:14 pm - Still overcast – wind has died down and town is drying out. Taking the opportunity to get a couple buckets of laundry done and hanging while I am relatively sure it will not go airborne.

6:18 pm Gail just sent me link to Nemo site they have pictures up of southern Belize flooding and Love fm has news and a picture slide show.

(Reminder to all please cut down on forwarding those emails you deem ‘must share’ to friends and relatives in Belize during times of extreme weather. It just makes it easier for us to keep our inbox  free for fast updates and important communications.)

Shout out to all of you who are for tuning into

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8 thoughts on “Tropical Storm Arthur was a Dark and Very Windy Night

  1. Cee says:

    It’s wild to see the places I saw in May look so different…here’s to many days WITH electricity and water. Your hurricane strategies sound very similar to our earthquake strategies, except we need to keep things LOW instead of HIGH, especially the breakables!

  2. Michele in Playa says:

    Shooot. We are supposed to go to Placencia next week. Enough alrady. You guys need a break and some sunshine!!

  3. tacogirl says:

    While we did get it a bit bad Wayne I think the mainland got hit worse because of flooding.

  4. tacogirl says:

    Hi cancuncanuck we are holding our own and the rain has stopped.

    Anytime tq thanks for well wishes.

  5. CancunCanuck says:

    Hey tacogirl,
    Hope things are coming together for you down there, looks like things got a bit windy. Thanks for sharing the photos.

    Hold on tight, this could be a loong season.

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