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Finally Some Fabulous San Pedro Weather

Our fabulous San Pedro Weather combined with a long to do list has been keeping me from writing. It has been perfect beach walking weather, so I have taken advantage of that since Saturday afternoon when I went to go see Yancey De Veer play at Wayo’s. What a great show. The highlight was when Yancey and Cowboy Doug hijacked two Spanish musicians that were riding down the beach road and got them up on stage to jam for a bit. Later I took out the hula hoops and about 8 of us hooped for a long while.

Now for the do to list – we are aiming to do 4 First Aid classes in February and there is a lot to be done. The first one will be at Friday Feb. 7th at Casa Picasso, and the owners are getting all 7 of their staff trained. Also sending staff to that class are Corona Del Mar Hotel, Caribbean Villas and Pedro’s Hotel. Feb. 8th will be 15 people from the wildlife conservation group upstairs at El Divino.

For the end of the month we hope to get ABC preschool, RC school teachers, and some of the police and fire department workers. Bit by bit the San Pedro Red Cross will make sure that everyone who should have training, has it. I also got a call from the Poly Clinic the other day and they want to get more staff trained. I would love to pair them up with the community health workers.

Some of you may have noticed a few site changes including the start of drop down menus within the top categories and my new Belize Weather page. Inside you will find information on seasons in Belize, weather in San Pedro as well as Belize Hydromet 4 day forecast.

belize beach
Enjoying the nice weather on the beach.
sailing belize
Great sailing weather.

san pedro belize beaches

belize beach
Along came 2 Spanish musicians riding down the beach.
yancey de veer at wayos beach bar belize
Yancey flagged them down to come play as soon as he saw them.
cowboy doug belize
Cowboy Doug thought that was a great idea and helped the musicians park and get on stage.
wayos beach bar belize
Yancey de Veer playing with 2 great Spanish musicians at Wayo’s beach bar.

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