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Weather In Belize

Raincoats Roosters and Chickens Everywhere

belize birds

Through the night and this morning we were still experiencing lots of rain from the tropical depression. we were headed to town and sometime after 7:00am, the rain stopped for a bit. When we drove through San Pedrito, we noticed lots of roosters and chickens out and about. They were tired of being cooped in and taking advantage of the ... Read More »

What to do with rain in Belize

downtown san pedro

Sometimes you just cannot help bad weather when traveling. I have seen a few weather posts on forums recently about people wanting to know what to do with themselves when it rains. Unless you are the type that melts when wet like the wicked witch of the west, going out in the rain can be lots of fun. Just make ... Read More »

What people wear when it is cold in San Pedro

This morning was fricken freezing, I left the house in jeans, t-shirt, hoodie, shoes and socks and I was still cold enough that my teeth were chattering – no exaggeration.  As I was hitching a ride part way to town with tacoboy who was on his way to work, I was second guessing my decision have left the house and ... Read More »

Cold Front and how I Saved $145 a month

belize birds

I am sure most of you who live here and a many who are repeat visitors to Ambergris Caye have a ‘how rumors get started’ story or two. My last one started late last night when tacoboy arrived home from Trivia at Pedro’s Pizza and a night with the Bat Sub boys. He came home with  a report that Sunday ... Read More »

Alll Kinds of Weather

san pedro sunset

Today was one of those days where we have been lucky enough to experience a wide range of weather, we even got a rainbow in amidst the sun, rain and fast approaching cloud cover. I also noticed the breeze has been coming in a bit more from the west which often brings cooler temperatures. I took the opportunity to enjoy ... Read More »

Changing Directions

This is dedicated to a few nameless people who are questioning their direction and anyone who sometimes feel like they are running in glue. I had to meet Cheryl at Banana Beach Resort and hand over the check to Mama Vilma’s Family Home  from Cowboy’s pool bar and grill for the Karen Waldrup lounge chair fundraiser. Not wanting to be ... Read More »