It’s Snowing in San Pedro

by tacogirl
belize weather

It’s not really snowing but it sure feels like it could be, for how chilly it was this morning. Since my Montana Weatherman Brent, always calls me out by sending snow pictures from the Helena Capitol building when I complain about the cold, I gave it my best shot to get a good ‘snowing in San Pedro picture’ for you. Thankfully it is not cold enough for our pipes to freeze and break, like they did in the Capitol building earlier this month. A frozen pipe by the rear south entrance near post office burst sometime around 2 a.m. and flooded the cafeteria, media room 1, NPR reporter offices, and a portion of the central first floor including the post office area and first floor bathrooms.

belize weather

It’s snowing in San Pedro

A picture of Dulce Wolf’s chicken fried steak sold on Thursdays out of BC’s beach bar for 10 bzd. – it is perfect weather for it.

sweet decorations by dulce wolfe

Chicken fried steak by Dulce Wolfe

As the day progressed it warned up some and now it is starting to cool down again. If the rain lets up and I make I will be wearing a coat and scarf to the Island Academy Christmas extravaganza tonight. Been hearing stories of crazy amounts of snow this past weekend in Toronto, Canada which created weather related flight delays and cancellations. The next 3 pictures are for anyone who is experiencing real cold weather right now, they all made me think of hot sunny San Pedro days.

boat in belize

Hanging out at Captain Sharks boat yard

belize beach bar

Picnic table by Wayo’s beach bar

downtown san pedro

Driving down Front street on a hot sunny day

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