belize red cross bake sale fundraiser

John Hopkins University Survey and Street Beat Training

This past Saturday, Ms. Jessie Young and Mr. Terence Woodye from Belize City conducted part two of the American Red Cross/John Hopkins University end-line survey to gauge project impacts on the community’s awareness and preparedness for emergencies and disasters today in San Pedro. Thankfully the weather was nice for them after all the recent rains we have been experiencing.

The survey was developed by John Hopkins University for the American Red Cross that gauges community awareness and preparedness for disasters. It was not done as assessment or targeted at any businesses in particular. The survey was conducted using a questionnaire on a cell-phone program and it was  based on a 100 sample questions with a random selection method developed by John Hopkins University. The same questions were asked in early 2012 and comparing difference in the responses between the two years will help to give an idea of the project’s impacts on communities in Belize. In order to close out the “Saving Lives in the Caribbean Through Preparedness” project, the Belize Red Cross needed to get the survey done before the end of the year. Since we are going into the Christmas holidays it will be sometime in the New Year before the results will be shared with the San Pedro Branch. First they need to be tallied and analyzed by the American Red Cross.

It was two for two; while the two Belize City volunteers were surveying Ambergris Caye, Shirlee Arnould and Mike Memeo were in Belize city for Street Beat, an interactive work shop which they will soon be sharing with San Pedro.

Belize Red Cross Youth Agents for Change (Y-AC) hosted Street Beat Training and Activity December 13th and 14th 2013. Headquarters extended an invitation for two people from every branch to attend. Volunteers who attended got trained in HIV/AIDS and Sexual and Reproductive Health education and then provided the information to the public, including information on where to access VCT Sites (Voluntary Counseling and Testing) in their respective communities/district.

A one day training to develop their skills in the implementation of the street beat activity was held on   December 13th 2013 at the ITVET building from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. The core activity was conducted the evening of December 14th when the branch volunteers got hands on experience by  interacting with the crowd waiting to see  Love FM’s Annual Christmas Parade. They handed out HIV/Aids brochures with condoms in them and each person spoken to was given a Red Cross Pencil and Pin.

A few Street Beat objectives

  • Increase the awareness of HIV & AIDS and Sexual and Reproductive Health countrywide
  • To develop and build on an active relationship with community members and specifically young people
  • To help the raise awareness of the youth service agencies in all Belize communities

Headquarters was very excited expand the community project by training branches in this activity and to have them implement what they learned in their respected districts throughout the country of Belize.

Last but not least, many of you saw the pic of the giant check picture on facebook page facebook page and read the special announcement that we found sponsors for all 30 teachers before the day of the sale. As a result all bake sale money will now be used to start a fund for the R.C. School teachers to receive first aid training in the New Year. The big Check was in honor of Mark & Brooke Maggiotto who  sponsored 19 teachers. Other people who came out to give their sponsor money and drop off or enjoy some sweets were Sue and Steve from Coco Loco’s Beach Bar, Jackie from Casa Picasso, Elvis Kitchen, Bonnie Musbach from the The San Pedro Lions Club, and Edward D. Mulligan. Caye Coffee Paul was also there and donating $5 from every bag to the cause. Together we raised 1658.75 was our grand total for the bake sale. Big Shout out to Wade the Gringo and Kathy for hosting the event at Roadkill Bar, all the bakers, Sherry aka Lil Red for use of her tables and a donation and everyone who helped spread the word, sponsored teachers made a donation or bought some baking.

If you would like to help a very worthy cause and sponsor one of the 41 left of 44 Roman Catholic school teachers to get first aid training please email  Shirlee Arnould at

It has been a Very busy Holiday Season for the San Pedro Belize Red Cross 🙂 We wish you all the best and a safe happy holiday season.

belize bars
Bringing snow to Roadkill for the San Pedro Red Cross bake sale by Karen Brodie Photography
belize red cross
Coco Loco’s, Casa Picasso and Caye Coffee supporting the San Pedro Belize Red Cross by Karen Brodie
belize red cross bake sale fundraiser
There were so many delicious treats from our great island bakers by Karen Brodie
brooke maggiotto and mark maggiotto belize
Most exciting giant check for 19 sponsors from Mark and Brooke Maggiotto by Karen Brodie
kenrick brackett san pedro town council
Kenrick from San Pedro Town Council bringing his son Josh to make a donation for his birthday cupcake
 josh brackett belize
Josh and his family were our first neighbors when we lived in town
josh brackett son of kenrick brackett belize
Josh happily supporting a good cause on his birthday
bonnie musbach belize
Edward D. Mulligan and Bonnie Musbach for The San Pedro Lions Club sponsoring 3 teachers between them
belize red cross volunteers
Steve and Amy manning the bake sale tables
 bake sale fundraiser by san pedro belize red cross
Congratulations to Liam who won a tablet at his school event, he came to celebrate and support the SPBRC by purchasing cookies at the bake sale
mark maggiotto and brooke maggiotto from san pedro belize
Belize Red Cross supporters Coco Loco’s Steve and Sue and Caye Coffee Paul enjoying the giant check from Mark and Brooke Maggiotto and what it represents

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