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Weather In Belize

Effects of Tropical Climate

effects of tropical climate

If you are moving to Belize, the effects of tropical climate is something to consider.  I say this partly because because Belize weather brings things like hurricanes and rainy season. The rain was so heavy last night that Eileen said they closed DandE’s and she left her bike in town and cabbed home. Leisa texted and said Cowboy Doug had emptied a ... Read More »

South San Pedro Errand Run

caribbean sea belize

Since we had use of one of Pedro’s carts I asked Paul if we could head south for an errand run to drop something to Jules at Casa Escalante. While there Jules was showing us some cool plants and asked us to up to the rooftop patio to enjoy the view, what a gorgeous day. After that we headed to ... Read More »

Way Delayed by Power Out

south ambergris caye

I was planning to blog this morning and finishing up some other work first when the power suddenly went out. I heard Paul mutter a curse word on the veranda and say he was just about to go back to work. The power was supposed to go out an hour earlier and when it didn’t we thought we might have ... Read More »

Yellow Raincoats on Boats

rainfall in belize

It does not happen often but this morning was one of those days where we had a good long rain. Leisa and I sat on the veranda drinking our coffee and watching the boats going by filled with with people wearing bright yellow raincoats. We were both thankful that we were high and dry and not on a bumpy wet ... Read More »

Weather Folklore Blue Moon

belize sailing charter

For all you sky watchers, we are about to experience a Blue Moon tomorrow night.   The most common definition of a blue moon out there right now refers to it as the second full moon of a calendar month. I knew there had to be more behind it and Earth Sky science website provided me with the information below. ... Read More »

Cottage Weather

palm leaf belize

Today’s island weather reminds me of waking up at the cottage, and that fall is coming fast. The birds are singing and there is very peaceful energy. I remember those fun days  as a kid and later in our adult years in Muskoka at my cousins cottage, we had so many good times up there. I hope it gets hot ... Read More »