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Finding the Humor in Weather

Ambergris Caye Belize Weather

“The nicest thing about the rain is that it always stops. Eventually.” –Eeyore. Yep, it’s that time of year again. Rainy season officially started June 1st and it didn’t take long for it to roll on in with a weather disturbance that picked up in the Caribbean. Predictions were forecast at 90% of becoming a tropical depression. The general consensus ... Read More »

A Taste of Rainy Season in San Pedro Belize

belize rainy season

The current weather brings a taste of the rainy season in San Pedro Belize. Thankfully the rain has stopped for now but it is rained so heavy between last night and this morning that many of the back roads have turned into waterways. In the east side of our yard we have a big lake where the water level rose ... Read More »

Staying Dry

belize in july

I had every intention of finishing this post Monday but got sidetracked by contract work for other people, Barefoot Skinny’s Joke night at Roadkill bar and watching Dexter on Netflix – all very valid things. Since it was not raining yesterday I bumped this until today. Often people think that Belize rainy season brings all day rains during the rainy season, ... Read More »

Yummy Belize Breakfast

The rain is doing one of those off again on again things where just when I think the sun is going to come back out it goes away and the rain starts up again for 10 min or so. Hoping we get a clear patch around 9:00am – we are meeting Melissa and Edwin at Estel’s for some yummy Belize ... Read More »

Late night rituals of rainy season

Last night Paul got up first at 2:30 am to close our bedroom windows. We have 10 windows to shut if you count only the front facing ones. We usually do not need to close the bathroom or back ones because they open on a slant and rain does not usually come that way. After he fell back into bed ... Read More »