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Tiny Frogs and Big Skeeters aka the Pros and Cons Belize Rainy Season

Due to the rainy weather and washed out skies on Wednesday I only got three pictures I liked, so I went for a walk the following day and shot 200 more figuring I will get lucky after editing. As it turns out I deleted a whole bunch, and dumped 50 to my stock photo pile and am still editing through 35 to pick 3 images for today’s post.

As I was going through my puddle pictures, I was reminded of some of the trade-offs I experienced in moving to a tropical island off the coast of Belize. I will take the cons of the rainy season – occasionally getting drenched, giant puddles and the skeeters any day over a cold Canadian Winter. There are a few pros as well – nothing like seeing tons of tiny frogs hopping around the back road puddles and when I am waterproofed, I love getting caught in a warm tropical downpour.

Check out my staying dry in Belize Rainy Season post for some good tips on personal waterproofing. You will also find a best dry bag recommendation from the Press Officer of the San Pedro Sailing Club and an avid Hobie cat master Forrest Jones.

belize nature
Looking through tall grass
belize wildlife
Termite Nest
photos of belize
Banana Tree

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