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Staying Dry

I had every intention of finishing this post Monday but got sidetracked by contract work for other people, Barefoot Skinny’s Joke night at Roadkill bar and watching Dexter on Netflix – all very valid things. Since it was not raining yesterday I bumped this until today.

Often people think that Belize rainy season brings all day rains during the rainy season, but this is not usually so. We tend to short heavy bursts of rain over all day every day downpours. It is also common for longer rain showers to be at night. Last night was a classic example; it rained off and on all night. The rain and wind was heavy enough for me to keep the east facing windows closed and the one north facing window that I keep open in the guest bathroom.

Don’t let weather in Belize catch you unprepared. During rainy season it is always a good idea to make sure you are well waterproofed. That does not necessarily mean carrying a raincoat with you everywhere unless of course you are not wanting to look like you are entering a wet t-shirt contest, but more so for things you might be carrying in your pockets or bag that you would not want to get wet like money, phone and camera.

belize in july
waterproof dry tubebag image by

I added the picture above cause I thought the guy was cute, well what I can see of him anyways. I like his dry bag cause it has a shoulder strap on it which mine does not. It just occurred to me I should ask Kate at Sew What if she can add one without taking away from the waterproof aspect of the bag.

belize rainy season
cat bag by icanauctionit.jpg

I have the exact dry bag above, scored it on eBay for $13.98 plus shipping. There were pages of options to choose from. I selected this one based on the fact that Forrest said not all dry bags are created equal and I knew that Cat is a trusted name and they would not have a crap dry bag with their logo on it. It has worked very well so far when I wanted to keep my things dry. I bought it specifically for boat travel and rain – used it more on boats than in rainy season but that may be subject to change soon.

belize weather
ziploc by lopnor

Travel packing tip:  Ziploc bags are one of the smartest things you can bring in your luggage and have become a favorite item of mine since moving to Belize. They super handy to keep toiletries from spilling on your clothes or pack up the Caribbean Rum and hot sauce you are taking home as a souvenir. They are also very useful to keep on hand when you are are out and about in case a sudden rain shower blows in.  I usually have 3 sizes on hand, a bigger one for all my random junk, a couple of sandwich size for my phone and camera and a smaller one for my music player so I can still listen to tunes even when it is raining.

I thought the following was a good article – 22 Reasons to Pack Ziplock Bags When You Travel by Delicious Baby. I liked tip number 1; something I had not thought of – Want to carry something fragile and you don’t have bubble wrap? Insert a straw into the top of a nearly closed Ziploc bag and inflate it. Remove the straw and seal the rest of the way to make a cushion. This isn’t as fail safe as bubble wrap, but it works in a pinch.

While I think tip number 4 is a good one it was not for me as I am a liquid laundry soap girl and do not like powered. For travel Zote bar laundry soap is a good alternative. Number 7 being type a sandy beach wear would never make it as far as my luggage.  Also number 14 last time I saw what a nasty diaper was about 30 years ago – I may have to rethink that one though with Cindy being pregnant and me having volunteered to be on the babysitting list.

The weather in belize brings the rainy season
Golf Cart raincoat

The golf cart raincoat above is a very practical and stylish way to stay dry if you own a golf cart. If you ride a bike well then you are SOL for the most part. I’ve seen many bike riders wearing garbage bags or rain gear in an attempt to keep dry.

San Pedro Belize Weather is rainy
Notice how much of her tires are underwater

The rain had stopped by the time I took this picture. Believe it or not this particular rain shower that cause the flooding of Coconut Drive was not much more than an hour long. I remember it because I was at a San Pedro lobsterfest meeting at Seaduced by Belize office with one of the Changes in Latitudes girls. The rain has started part way through our meeting and finished not long after we were done and driving south. Both of us were amazed at how fast the street had filled up with water.

Golf Cart cover
Golf Cart rain cover

This golf cart cover is the kind that rolls up so you can leave it on your cart in rainy season and easily take it down when needed. You can see the tabs dangling at the top that hold the golf cart cover up when you are not using it.

Travel tip: If you are renting a golf cart and are ready to roll after the rain has stopped, be aware that there is water pooled on your roof and when you start moving you are more than likely to get wet. Having something on hand to wipe your seat also handy so you do not get wet cart butt 🙂

8 thoughts on “Staying Dry

  1. Carbunkle Trumpet says:

    We use the Ascend heavy duty round dry bags that you can get from Bass Pro Shop when we do any canoeing trips and they work very well. The trick that I have found in keeping our stuff dry is to pack it in the temperature and humidity that you are going to be in, ie don’t pack the bag inside with the AC on then take it outside and open it up. You will get condensation on your stuff and the bag will only make it worse.
    Oh and can you give me some props since you snapped my pic w/o me knowing? LOL!

  2. jan says:

    OverBoard has a very good line of waterproof dry bags. I found a 25l one that I am bringing for a friend on my next visit. It has nice padded backpak straps with a waist strap and sternum strap. Multiple closure options. 100% waterproof with a Class 3 waterproof rating (floats and can handle quick submersion). For sure more expensive that the one that you found ($65 USD). I found it on eBay.

  3. tacogirl says:

    I make a great babysitter! I even come with my own coloring books, blow up toys and nemo dvd. Checked your links Dr. Al, not making a career of it just looking for an occasional fill of kid time and still patiently waiting for the factory to close 🙂

  4. tacogirl says:

    I found mine on eBay Forrest, so far the only place I have seen it. Thanks for your recommend and link to the NSR Ricksack. It gave me an idea of how to better close mine so I have some kind of handle when using it.

  5. Forrest Jones says:

    REI has been carrying dry bags made by Sealine, which disappoint me here in Belize.. The appeared to leak, or maybe its the moisture in the air inside the bag that condenses and leaves things inside damp. I couldn’t find your CAT brand in Google searches, but the brand I use and have confidence in is NSR Ricksack. Go to

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