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Late night rituals of rainy season

Last night Paul got up first at 2:30 am to close our bedroom windows. We have 10 windows to shut if you count only the front facing ones. We usually do not need to close the bathroom or back ones because they open on a slant and rain does not usually come that way. After he fell back into bed I lay there a minute trying to focus and decided I had better check downstairs just in case there were puddles forming on the floor. Luckily most of them were closed.

I had a nice day today, spending time reading and away from my computer. Lara stopped by for a bit then Cindy popped in and we all chatted on the veranda. Paul and Cindy were helping Lara figure out the time change in relation to the TV so she could figure out the right time Hero’s was on tonight – it was quite a funny conversation. We do not change time here in San Pedro but the locations of most of our television stations do so twice a year so anyone who enjoys specific programs on TV may find themselves slightly out of whack due to the time change.

This is for you Wade…

Pauls grocery bill from his trip Santiago Castillo tonight.

$8.13 – Kraft swiss singles 12 oz
$11.51 – Nescafe Dolca Coffee
$5.23 – Silk Soya milk 1 qt
$3.77 Alpura light boxed milk 1 qt
$9.20 – Goya extra virgin olive oil 8.5 oz
$4.27 x 2 Campbell’s cream of broccoli soup 10 oz
$11.64 Arm & Hammer Mountain Rain liquid detergent 2.95 L = 32 loads
$2.84 Blue Bonnet margarine 16 oz
$62.54 grand total – pricing in BZD.

FYI: You can get 10% off at Santiago Castillo on Fridays and Digicell double up day tomorrow Sept 30th.

I did not feel like taking any pictures today and was looking through some old folders to find something to add to this post, I found these ones to be quite interesting. They were taken while waiting for Tsunami Skydivers to jump 2 years back. I wonder how those boys figured out they were so good at doing flips in the air – just goes to show nothing is impossible.

3 thoughts on “Late night rituals of rainy season

  1. tacogirl says:

    We could use help in Windows department Gail.

    That was a fun day waiting for the skydivers. Thanks for the compliment – amazing how there are so many best moments in one place.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yikes, who washes all those windows?? Do they have Molly Maid in San Pedro? 🙂

    I was there when you took these pictures.. the boys were amazing and certainly entertained the crowd waiting for the skydivers. As always you capture the best moments in paradise.

  3. Raúl says:

    me gusta mucho tu blog lo visito a diario visita el mio y si t gusta deja un comentario y si quieres nos enlazamos los blogs

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